Electronics company LG used Instagram to build on the successful reveal of its new LG G5 smartphone, using targeted video content to show that “Life is Good when you Play More.

Mobile mavens

LG Electronics is a global leader in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications. Established in 1958, it has since led the way into the modern digital era, releasing industry first mobile technologies and solutions that support its “Life’s Good” brand proposition.


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Instagram enabled us to directly communicate our ‘Life is Good when you Play More’ message to a very responsive, visually engaged audience. By balancing well targeted content and ad execution, we have been able to enhance the LG G5 campaign’s overall reach and have achieved positive reactions from customers across the globe.
Keep them keen

Following the reveal of its newest flagship smartphone, the LG G5, LG wanted to maximize impact and maintain excitement until the device’s availability in April. The aim was to engage with an online audience aged 18-40 and to show them why “Life is Good when you Play More.”

Playful video

Instagram was the ideal channel for LG to showcase its G5 content to a visually engaged audience and to trigger user engagement in the lead up to the product being available on shelves.

To produce its creative, LG researched a number of keywords to determine which would garner the highest and most desirable reactions from its online audience. Its analysis found ‘kidult’ to generate the greatest response. Because of this, it shaped a video content series that embodied a youthful, fun and joyful message that aligned with its ‘Life is Good when you Play More’ tagline.

A series of five images and one video, featuring various toy characters humorously highlighted the playful concept and showcased a number of the device’s features, including its modular design, full metal uni body and wide angle camera. By using video ads, the brand could effectively showcase the eye-catching, seamless looped video content while presenting the product in a creative and original way. The content also fit naturally in people’s feeds.

LG measured the impact of the campaign through video views and website traffic, exposed to over 16M Instagrammers in nine countries and achieving over 1.7M engagements.