Lay’s wanted to leverage people’s appetite for unique chip flavors so it launched a video series on Instagram and Facebook that encouraged people to vote for their favorite flavor—driving in-store sales and a great return on ad spend.

Decades of snacking

Founded in 1932, Lay’s is one of the most popular potato chip brands in the world. The company, a division of Frito-Lay, manufactures a number of popular flavors and chip styles, and was the first snack brand to purchase a television commercial.


increase in reach (versus Facebook alone)


lower cost per impression (versus Facebook alone)


increase in sales lift (versus Facebook alone)

Running our Flavor Swap campaign across Facebook and Instagram proved a powerful punch in our ability to build awareness on mobile for new chip flavors and drive sales.
Heating up sales with Flavor Swap

The Lay’s team wanted to reach millennials and encourage them to vote in its Flavor Swap program, which pit classic Lay’s flavors against new ones. The overall aim of this campaign was to increase offline sales at a lower cost per impression.

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Beating the flavor heat

Lay’s wanted to leverage people’s appetite for unique chip flavors, so it partnered with media agency OMD, content creator Deep Focus, and Facebook Marketing Partner Adaptly. The team launched its Flavor Swap campaign on both Facebook and Instagram during February and March 2016.

The team ran a series of four video ads that pit a classic Lay’s chip flavor, like Flamin’ Hot, against a new one, like Fiery Roasted Habanero, and encouraged people to vote for their favorite.

One of the 5-second videos featured a bag of Flamin’ Hot on one side and a bag of Fiery Roasted Habanero on the other. Each bag “filled” with the appropriate cartoon pepper, before being replaced with Lay’s chips. Ad copy encouraged people try both flavors then vote for their favorite.

Lay’s targeted the ads to people aged 18–49 and utilized Facebook’s reach and frequency to ensure that people viewed each flavor match-up in sequence.

Finally, Lay’s worked with Datalogix to measure the results of its 8-week campaign. It found that the addition of Instagram increased reach by 5%, had a 3% lower cost per impression, and lifted sales by 5% versus Facebook alone.