The perfume company ran a brand awareness campaign with mobile-first Instagram and Facebook ads to improve its campaign effectiveness and efficiency, which resulted in a 4.3-point increase in purchase intent.

Chic fragrance

L’Absence is a niche fragrance brand from Korea, offering long-lasting scents inspired by the French perfume tradition. The brand aims to provide unique and elegant scents for perfume lovers at affordable prices.


increase in purchase intent


increase in ad recall


increase in brand familiarity

The attention-grabbing creative for Stories and Instant Experience, which we created in partnership with Facebook, inspired a significant increase in purchase intent. We have discovered new insights by listening to our target audience and are now better equipped to meet our customers’ expectations by adapting our creative, which is helping to improve the performance of our campaigns.
Wooing customers

The perfume brand wanted to find a new approach to improve its customer feedback score to optimize ad delivery and make campaigns more cost-efficient.

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Ad creative based on perfume personas

L’Absence began by analyzing customer feedback from previous campaigns and then created new and improved photo and video ads on Facebook and Instagram that highlighted its fragrances. The brand partnered with Facebook to get guidance and best practices for all campaign assets, and then developed a “persona” for each perfume, along with unique visual assets.

The video ads used a storytelling approach to deliver an immersive, accurate view of the products. L’Absence also created a photo ads and an Instant Experience, a full-screen landing page in Instagram. The landing page used the same videos and photos as the ads, which allowed the brand to create a seamless campaign flow through to the website.

The campaign was broadly targeted to people in South Korea with an interest in perfume and also retargeted to people who had viewed products on the website, added products to their cart or had engaged with the previous videos. L’Absence additionally created and reached out to a lookalike audience based on people who had made a purchase in the past two months.

L’Absence used campaign budget optimization and automatic placements to deliver ads cost-efficiently across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. To accurately measure the results, it ran a brand lift study. Its updated campaign approach was successful, resulting in the following results over 26 days in February–March 2020:

  • 4.3-point increase in likelihood to purchase

  • 14-point increase in ad recall

  • 3.6-point increase in brand familiarity