Jonak, a French shoe and leatherware brand, successfully maximized its return on investment and built its community in France and abroad with Instagram photo and video ads.

A family affair

Jonak is a French brand founded in the 1960s. It offers its customers high-quality shoes produced in an ultra-fast turnaround time to keep up with the latest trends.


revenue generated for every euro invested on Instagram


cost per lead


leads per month of the campaign

Every euro invested on Instagram brings us €7 of revenue.
Brand awareness in France and abroad

Jonak’s objectives during its 2018 campaign were to develop sales through its website, to strengthen the company’s brand image by using high-quality visuals, and to increase its visibility abroad by benefiting from Instagram’s international audience.

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A high quality content schedule

Jonak continually developed new content by working with its chosen agency, Webpopulation. The brand decided to post several photos and stories per day on Instagram. Photo and video ads were also shown, which were optimized as part of a continual “test & learn” strategy.

Jonak designed a campaign that was strongly integrated across Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, the brand used conversion campaigns that ran in News Feed and used the collection ad format. On Instagram, Jonak opted mostly for the carousel format and Stories to highlight the brand’s star products.

The brand also started using store visit campaigns to encourage people to visit new stores after they opened. The objective here was to develop local awareness for the store.

Jonak primarily targets its ads to women aged 25–34 who live in urban locations: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Toulouse. Jonak uses several different audiences for its ads, particularly lookalike audiences that match its customers.

Jonak’s campaign, which it ran continuously throughout 2018 on Instagram, allowed the company to recruit many new customers and become known internationally. The brand generated €7 in revenue for every euro it invested in the campaign:

  • €7 of revenue generated for every euro invested on Instagram

  • €0.78 cost per lead

  • 260 leads per month of the campaign