Healthy eating brand Inspiralized used easy-to-create Boomerang video ads to boost sales for Mothers’ Day, reaching significantly more people and hiking its click-through rate in just five days.

A health revolution

Ali Maffuci Cerda started Inspiralized after discovering “spiralizing:” a method of slicing vegetables into noodles. Eager to share her passion, she developed a best-of-breed tool of her own, sold via her online community.


lift in video click-through rate, compared to static photo ads


lower video cost-per-click, compared to static photo ads


larger audience reached

I was excited to see how much engagement the video ads generated, and loved reading the comments on Instagram. I was also extremely happy to see how the campaign impacted sales—we even sold out on some of our purchasing outlets!
Making Mom’s day

For its Mothers’ Day campaign, the Inspiralized team wanted to reach a wider audience and boost ad engagement, with the goal of getting more people to click through to the company website and purchase its namesake product.

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Seeing and believing

Inspiralized, with help from the Facebook Creative Shop, used Instagram’s Boomerang app to create mesmerizing ads aimed at a highly targeted Instagram and Facebook audience. The brand’s Mother’s Day campaign showcased the Inspiralizer in action to increase engagement and sales while keeping costs at a minimum.

The ad creative was developed by Inspiralized founder Ali Maffuci Cerda and consisted of short video clips that played forward and backward in rapid succession. The app was so easy to use that Cerda created four different ads, allowing the company to showcase the multitude of ways to use its namesake product.

The brand used demographic and interest targeting tools to reach people aged 18-64 with interests such as cooking and dieting. It also targeted a lookalike audience based on past purchasers to further extend the reach of its ad.

The unique ad style improved the brand’s success by increasing its reach 14 times over despite the short length of the campaign and the busy time of year.