Interior design app developer Hutch tested a variety of app install ads, including Instagram Stories, to encourage people to download and use the app, which decreased its cost per install by almost half.

Digital interior designs

Hutch is an interior design media and m-commerce company that is reimagining how to conceptualize home furnishing and décor. People can use the Hutch app to apply filters to photos of their rooms, allowing them to instantly design their spaces.


decrease in cost per install


conversion rate


increase in click-through rate for Instagram Stories, compared to other ad formats

We were excited to announce the release of the Hutch app across the country through Instagram ads. Plus, the full-screen takeover for Instagram Stories allowed us to demonstrate our app experience through expansive ad creative.
Installing a new look

The Hutch team wanted to reach more people and encourage them to install and then use the app regularly. It also wanted to use this audience to test different app features and improve the Hutch experience.

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Testing app installs

The Hutch team joined forces with 565 Media to create and test a variety of app install ads on both Instagram and Facebook.

The ads—which ranged from link ads and video ads to Instagram Stories—featured in-app creative that showed people what they could expect from Hutch’s easy-to-use app. The Instagram platform made it easy for Hutch to inspire interest in interior design among amateurs and professionals alike. Their Instagram Stories, for instance, featured someone clicking through different themes and even purchasing certain products.

To reach the right audience, the Hutch team targeted its ads to women in the US aged 45 or younger with interests in similar interior design companies. Hutch also targeted Custom Audiences based on its email lists, as well as people who installed the app but aren’t using it. It also targeted a lookalike audience based on these Custom Audiences.

The mobile-only ads were optimized for installs, and were automatically delivered to people most likely to view in-app content, register an account and add a product to the app’s online shopping cart.

The ongoing campaign, which began in May 2017, successfully lowered Hutch’s cost per install by 49% compared to other campaigns. It also resulted in an 81% conversion rate of app installers who created a Hutch account.

Instagram and Facebook will continue to play a pivotal role in efficiently acquiring Hutch app users. As we look to scale in the months ahead, we plan to take full advantage of all Instagram ad offerings.
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