To boost product consideration, HP tested running interactive poll ads and Instant Experiences on Instagram and Facebook against a standard video ad, and found that the interactive assets led to a 12-point lift in ad recall.

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The mission of HP Inc. is to create technology that makes life better for everyone around the globe through its portfolio of printers, personal computers, monitors, mobile devices, solutions and services for home and business. HP is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.


lift in ad recall with interactive assets

4.9 points

higher lift in ad recall with interactive assets


lift in message agreement1 with interactive assets


lift in purchase intent with interactive assets

We were excited to bring people closer together by incorporating interactivity in our ads. Working with Meta Marketing Partner Shuttlerock, we created interactive ad experiences that helped our audience engage with our brand and feel a sense of excitement towards the HP Spectre laptop. The experience was just more memorable—the proof is in the excellent campaign brand metrics!
Increasing product consideration

HP wanted to increase awareness, purchase consideration and sales for its HP Spectre laptop by using interactive and engaging ad experiences.

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Innovating with interactivity

HP is always innovating, and for its campaign to promote the HP Spectre laptop, the team decided to test a new new interactive ad experience. Specifically, HP—along with Facebook Marketing Partner Shuttlerock—took existing video assets and redesigned them as Instant Experiences and poll ad assets.

To understand how using these interactive formats could boost brand results such as purchase intent beyond what standard video ad campaigns could deliver, the team built a split test. It ran the business-as-usual standard video ad in one cell and the custom-built interactive ads in the other cell, and then compared their performance. All other campaign elements (such as placements, targeting and budget) remained the same between the two cells.

The creative in the standard video was built from an existing HP asset, and showed a person working on an HP Spectre laptop along with messaging that highlighted the laptop’s features. The ad included a “Learn More” button that linked to a product landing page for the Spectre on HP’s website.

As an example of the redesigned interactive experiences, one asset showed a person working on the Spectre laptop along with a poll asking, “When do you need your power to last?” The polling sticker appeared directly underneath that question with the choices of “On The Go” or “Deadline Tonight.” When a viewer clicked on one of the poll answers, a pop-up displayed the percentage of other people who had chosen that same option, and encouraged them to swipe up to open the “Learn More” button, which linked to the product page for the HP Spectre.

HP showed the ads to US adults aged 18 and over, including to people with an interest in technology and tech products, and delivered the ads in Instagram and Facebook feed and Stories. HP determined the results of this September 17–October 31, 2021 campaign using a brand lift study that revealed that, compared to HP’s business-as-usual standard assets, the interactive assets drove:

  • 12-point lift in ad recall with interactive assets
  • 4.9 points higher lift in ad recall with interactive assets, compared to business-as-usual asset
  • 2.5-point lift in message agreement ("Do you agree or disagree that HP offers products I’m proud to be seen with?") with interactive assets
  • 3-point lift in purchase intent with interactive assets, compared to 2.9-point lift in purchase intent with business-as-usual asset
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