The teeth whitening company used ads in Instagram Stories and an influencer partnership to connect with young men, resulting in a 90% increase in male customers.

Sparkling smiles

Founded in 2014, HiSmile is a teeth whitening company with a difference: it offers an easy-to-use and all-natural product that delivers sparkling results in just 10 minutes.


return on ad spend


increase in male customers1

14 million

18- to 24-year-olds reached

Through our recent global campaign with Conor McGregor on Instagram, HiSmile has been able to connect with a new, previously untapped audience of young men. In the past, we struggled to reach this demographic, but by using Instagram’s targeting tools and developing relevant video content, HiSmile has seen an uplift with men aged 15–25.
Smiling new customers

HiSmile wanted to raise brand and product awareness amongst men aged 15–25 and acquire more female customers between the ages of 18–34.

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Punchy videos with Conor McGregor

HiSmile used ads in Instagram Stories to reach millennials around the world in a targeted way. Using short, punchy videos featuring content repurposed from HiSmile’s influencer partner Conor McGregor’s channels, the ads told the brand’s story in 15 seconds. By releasing the ads in the lead-up to Conor McGregor’s world-famous boxing match, HiSmile grabbed its target audiences’ attention and introduced the brand to young men around the world.

To encourage conversions and website visits, images were combined with eye-catching typography that highlighted a sale and special offers in bold, often animated text, with a direct link to HiSmile’s ecommerce site.

The campaign yielded strong results, reaching over 14 millennials and delivering a 5X return on ad spend. The ads were so successful in attracting new male customers—90% more, in fact—that HiSmile achieved an even audience split between men and women in just 2 months.

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