Health Coach Institute used ads in Instagram Stories to generate leads, which also reduced its cost per lead by 2.2X and increased its return on ad spend.

Launching coaching careers

Health Coach Institute is a school for people who want to become health coaches. It has served 20,000 students in over 30 countries over the last decade. The curriculum is based on psychology, brain science, intuitive listening, habit change and healthy lifestyle design.


lower cost per lead from ads in Instagram Stories


lower cost per lead compared to other digital channels


increase in leads


higher return on ad spend after adding ads in Instagram Stories

Facebook has allowed us expand our advertisement footprint and triple our lead flow in less than 6 months.
More leads, lower cost

Health Coach Institute wanted to try a new ad placement option, ads in Instagram Stories, to increase its leads at a lower cost per lead.

The power of stories

Health Coach Institute knew that the audience it wanted to reach was spending its time on Instagram. So, the Institute worked with Vital Digital, a digital agency that specializes in education, to try out a new placement: ads in Instagram Stories.

Creative pillars
Instagram Stories is a full-screen, creative format that allows people to view and share everyday moments via photos and videos that disappear (unless saved) within 24 hours. To take advantage of the creative potential of ads in Instagram Stories, Vital Digital and the Health Coach Institute team developed ad creative based on 3 pillars. The ad creative:

  • captured attention with vibrant colors

  • included a clear call to action

  • spoke to its target audience with aspirational action shots

Reaching the right audience
The team showed the ads in Stories to women and men in the US over the age of 22 who were interested in fitness and health foods. Using information gathered through Facebook pixel installed on its website, the Institute also reached out to a lookalike audience that mirrored three groups of people: leads, visitors to its website who did not enroll within 180 days, and people who had enrolled in the Institute. It used international lookalike audiences for its Canadian, British and Australian market.

The combination of effective targeting with vibrant ads in Instagram Stories allowed Health Coach Institute to triple its number of leads. The ads in Instagram Stories resulted in a 70% lower cost per lead compared to previous campaigns that did not use the placement, and resulted in a 2.2X lower cost compared to other digital channels. Health Coach Institute also saw a 30% higher return on ad spend after adding the Instagram Stories ad placement to its media mix.