To publicize its Soberano real estate project, Grupo Deveck began using lead ads on Instagram to reach a qualified audience, which increased conversions from those interested in the development by 8X.

Part of Osasco’s future progress

With 10 years of experience, Grupo Deveck is a benchmark in the real estate market of the Brazilian city of Osasco and surrounding region, with professionals in the areas of engineering, construction and technical solutions.


higher click-through rate compared to the campaign’s first phase


more conversions after creating lead ads


quality leads generated through Instagram in one month

There is no doubt that Instagram was of tremendous value to the project. In addition to helping us reach the right audience in a more assertive manner, our recent lead ads allowed us to drastically cut our cost per acquisition. The result was surprisingly positive.
Renato Guitti, Managing Partner, Exent Performance Marketing
In search of leads

Grupo Deveck’s goal was to reach people with higher income and attract qualified leads for its Soberano real estate development.

More conversions for less

To publicize its latest project in Osasco, Grupo Deveck created a Facebook Page for the Soberano real estate development. To reach the right audience, the company focused its Instagram investment on photo ads with a link to the development’s website. But after running lead ads on Instagram, the company switched its strategy and improved its results.

Using Instagram’s audience segmentation, Exent (the agency in charge of Grupo Deveck’s campaigns) targeted the ads to men and women over the age of 35. The ads were targeted to people living in Barueri and Osasco, also taking household income, marital status and interests (engagement, marriage, apartments and building companies) into account.

The company used carousel ads with a “Get Quote” call-to-action button that people could click to request a call to find out all of the financing options that were available. Photos of the development were used to catch people’s attention and expand the likelihood of conversion.

This change in Grupo Deveck’s campaign strategy increased conversions generated through Instagram by 8X, and generated 129 quality leads in just one month.