Graphic T-shirt business Grunt Style used dynamic ads to retarget people who visited its website with products they viewed or are otherwise likely interested in, resulting in a majority of its core audience making a purchase.

Pride and T-shirts

Grunt Style is an American apparel brand that combines patriotism and military pride to create its ammo-inspired gear. Catchy slogans, clever designs and a lifetime guarantee on everything make this Illinois-based retailer unlike any other.


return on ad spend


decrease in cost per action


of sales came from targeted demographic

Instagram’s focus on visual content has allowed us to showcase Grunt Style’s unique line of clothing and really target our core demographic of military veterans and patriots. Instagram has been a great platform for increasing Grunt Style’s reach, and we plan to expand our use of it to get even better results.
Dan Alarik, Chief Executive Officer, Grunt Style
Gearing up for better sales

Grunt Style already enjoys high website traffic, but it wanted to improve sales and reduce instances of abandoned online shopping carts.

Aiming for the competition

In the competitive retail market, Grunt Style needed to outshoot its competitors, so the brand partnered with digital marketing agency MuteSix to create appealing dynamic ads.

The brand created a website Custom Audience based on people who added a product to their online shopping cart but who did not complete the purchase. To increase purchase intent among these past website visitors, the company used dynamic ads as part of the carousel. The ads featured products that its audience had already expressed an interest in, whether by adding them to the online cart or by viewing the product details. Grunt Style also offered a discount code to further entice people to complete their initial purchase.

Grunt Style was also able to exclude previous purchasers from its Custom Audience, which helped eliminate showing redundant ads to past and loyal customers.

The ongoing campaign began June 1, 2016 and achieved better results than anticipated, with a 5.4X return on ad spend and a 40% decrease in cost per action.