The international jeweler and diamond specialist Graff used Instagram to present its bridal collection, resulting in almost a million video views and over 20,000 click-throughs to its website.

A precious heritage

Founded in 1960, the family jewelry company Graff has expanded from its London base to operate 60 stores worldwide. Graff takes charge of every stage of the jewelry-making process, from sourcing stones through to cutting, polishing and setting each piece.


increase in ad recall compared to Graff’s previous bridal campaign


landing page views


3-second video views

We were able to set up and execute a large scale, multi-layered campaign, continuously pulling valuable insights and optimisations using the Instagram platform. We intend to continue to develop our paid social strategy in line with changing consumer behaviours, enhancing how we convey Graff’s message across key social surfaces.
Do tell the bride

Graff wanted to increase awareness of its brand—particularly its bridal collection—among young, high net-worth individuals, and encourage more people to visit its store locations in the US.

Making ads that shine

Although this was part of a wider digital campaign, Graff and its agency JK&K created ad assets specifically for Instagram, because the platform’s affluent young audience was a key target market. Ads in Instagram feed and Stories were used as part of a multi-phase campaign to inspire and educate a wide pool of luxury followers about Graff's bridal collection.

The campaign took the Instagram audience on a purchase journey, which began by showing Graff’s stunning cut diamonds and engagement rings, and introducing its bridal collection. Graff and JK&K used ads in Stories to showcase multiple bestselling products alongside broader model-focused imagery in an engaging and inspiring way.

The brand awareness campaign then led into a campaign designed to increase website traffic, which highlighted key engagement rings. In the final phase, the carousel ads included a store map function to increase visits to its stores in key US regions.

Graff and JK&K used automatic placements on Instagram to ensure that the ads reached its audience during the three campaign phases at the lowest possible cost.

Following the campaign, website enquiries increased, and Graff also found that there was an increase in visits to its retail stores. Between March 4–May 8, 2019, the campaign results included:

  • 88% increase in ad recall compared to Graff’s previous bridal campaign

  • 20,900 landing page views

  • 990,000 3-second video views