To boost app installs and purchases, the sneaker and apparel marketplace ran video and photo ads on Instagram and Facebook, and used a GeoLift study to measure a 3.2% sales lift and 4X incremental return on ad spend.

Authentic styles from around the world

Founded in 2015, GOAT is a global technology platform for authentic sneakers, apparel and accessories from the world’s leading contemporary, avant-garde and luxury brands. The platform’s unique positioning between the primary and resale markets enables it to surface rare and exclusive styles from the past, present and future. GOAT has more than 40 million members across 170 countries.


sales lift within markets that were exposed to Facebook and Instagram ads


incremental return on ad spend within markets that were exposed to Facebook and Instagram ads

Meta GeoLift has enabled our business to gain better insights on measurement following the release of iOS14. We observed 95% statistical significance in the analysis which gave us confidence in our continual investment in Meta as a channel. Advertising with Meta contributed to a significant percent in incremental sales and return on ad spend during our test duration. In response to these results we plan to continue investing in incrementality testing in the future.
Increase app installs and purchases

GOAT wanted to boost app installs, drive purchases at the most efficient possible cost and gain better insights into the true value of its ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook.

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Measuring incrementality using GeoLift

Due to changes in the ads ecosystem that made it harder to measure its marketing efforts, GOAT decided to take a refreshed look at how it was spending its advertising dollars. While the brand had successfully increased app installs and purchases with ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram in the past, it wanted to ensure it was still achieving a profitable return on ad spend going forward.

GOAT partnered with Meta to run a campaign of photo and video ads on Facebook and Instagram aimed at getting more people to install the GOAT app on their smartphones. To ensure it was meeting its goals, GOAT worked with the marketing science experts at Meta to design a GeoLift experiment that would measure the incremental value of ads on Meta apps in the markets where they ran.

GOAT chose the “app installs” objective in Ads Manager. It used a mix of video ads, Stories, carousel ads, Advantage+ catalog ads and ads that click to Messenger, as well as the carousel and collection formats, to reach people in a variety of ways. The brand targeted its ads to a broad audience of men and women aged 18 and over in the US with interests in sneakers, streetwear, sports and music. Additionally, the team used broad targeting to gauge interests from new audiences that might be interested in its products. Advantage campaign budget allowed Meta to automatically allocate ad spend to deliver the best results.

The final analysis from GOAT’s GeoLift study revealed that Facebook and Instagram ads drove the following results between October 6–November 3, 2021:

  • 3.2% sales lift within markets that were exposed to the brand’s Facebook and Instagram ads
  • 4X incremental return on ad spend within markets that were exposed to Facebook and Instagram ads
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