To reach more beauty fans, boost brand awareness and increase online sales, Glamnetic ran Facebook and Instagram video ads using a wide variety of creative, and saw a 10.5% lift in purchases.

Glamorous eyelash products

Glamnetic offers a variety of easy-to-apply, reusable magnetic eyelashes. Founded by Los Angeles-based artist and entrepreneur Ann McFerran, Glamnetic is committed to finding new ways to make people’s beauty routines more effortless. The brand also offers eyeliners and press-on nails.


lift in purchase conversions


lift in return on ad spend for Q3


lift in ad recall


lift in brand awareness

We want to be an example for other small direct-to-consumer brands. Our success came from: 1) shooting our own at-home Facebook and Instagram video ads 2) showcasing influencers in our ads to build social credibility as a small brand, and 3) constantly testing new creative on the platforms, particularly on Instagram, as that has been our main driver of growth.
Boosting beauty product sales

Glamnetic wanted to reach more beauty shoppers, boost brand awareness and increase online sales.

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Building a vibrant campaign

For Ann McFerran, co-founder and CEO of Glamnetic, the idea for her company sparked in 2019 while she was living in a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. An artist at heart with an entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to turn her obsession with lashes into a business that could help other beauty enthusiasts.

Ann and co-founder Kevin Gould decided right from the start to connect with potential shoppers on social media, and began using Instagram in a variety of ways. One of the first things Ann used was Direct Messaging (DM). To reach prospective customers and build brand awareness, Ann would DM anyone who followed Glamnetic on Instagram. She spent hours answering people’s questions and establishing herself as the face of the company. Ann then directly followed up on these chats by sending people a limited-time promotional discount code. This strategy not only helped drive sales, but also built loyalty. The approach has proven so successful that Ann has hired new employees specifically to work on Instagram DMs.

She also runs video ads in Instagram feed and Stories. Ann shoots the videos herself in her living room, ensuring that the content is genuine, personable and relatable. She constantly tests what resonates most strongly with her audiences, and then iterates and refreshes the ad creative with the aim of staying top-of-mind among her consumers.

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After the brand had built a wider following, Ann started working with influencers. She felt that using recognizable influencers that consumers can relate to, and who can attest to Glamnetic’s credibility, was incredibly important. Now Glamnetic runs video ads starring well-known beauty influencers such as Natalia Taylor and Nava Rose, who are featured in “how-to” video ads where they demonstrate just how easy it is to apply the magnetic eyelashes. The influencers also post the videos from their own personal Instagram handles.

Ann shows the ads to US women aged 18–50, including those with an interest in beauty and cosmetics, as well as to a Custom Audience of Glamnetic website visitors and a lookalike audience of people similar to her top past purchasers. She uses automatic placements to allow Facebook to automatically deliver the ads across Facebook apps and services, based on which placements were most likely to drive campaign results at the lowest cost at any given time.

Lastly, to help people who are hesitant to purchase because they’re unsure which lash product is right for their eye shape, the team built an augmented reality (AR) filter that is used to demonstrate lash types. Now, a hyperlink on the Glamnetic website takes consumers to a virtual try-on AR filter on Instagram, where they can choose different lash products and see how they’ll actually look on their face.

Glamnetic determined the results of its September 16–30, 2020 campaign using a Facebook brand lift study and a Facebook conversion lift study, which revealed:

  • 10.5% lift in purchase conversions

  • 1.5X lift in return on ad spend for Q3

  • 24-point lift in ad recall

  • 16-point lift in brand awareness

  • 6.4X lift in action intent

Our company is less than a year old and already growing exponentially thanks to Instagram and Facebook ads. Because of these ads, we were able to double revenue month over month. I cut and edit the ads, and appear in all the ad assets as the face of the company. I believe that any small business can replicate this success.
Focusing on positive impact

As the coronavirus pandemic emerged in spring 2020, causing many small businesses to close, Glamnetics relied even more on Facebook and Instagram advertising. This strategy helped the business continue to grow, and by its first business anniversary in July 2020, Glamnetic had grown from five to 30 full-time employees.

Ann McFerran―a Thai-American woman entrepreneur of color―is a strong supporter of minority communities. During Pride Month in June, Glamnetic created rainbow eyelashes and donated 30% of its profits from rainbow lash sales to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. The company additionally made a sizable donation to Black Lives Matter to support racial justice.