The lifestyle brand increased sales and reach in a comprehensive holiday campaign, largely with ads in Instagram Stories.

Goods for gathering

Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Gathre began with a Kickstarter campaign by 2 moms, Jessica and Merilee. Their goal was to create mess-free, intentional spaces where parents could gather and with their kids. Gathre’s products include items for the home, outdoors, yoga and leather goods.


increase in return on ad spend from Q3 to Q4


lower cost per sale


lower cost per add to cart


return on ad spend

The impact of Facebook and Instagram on our business in one word is growth. The platforms allowed us to scale our audience and grow our business not only in the US but also overseas. Facebook and Instagram allowed us to test new products and take chances with new audiences because of their ease of use.
Reaching parents over the holidays

Gathre wanted to increase sales and find new customers during the end-of-year holiday season.

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Stories for the season

Gathre partnered with digital ad agency Variable Media for an ad campaign to make the brand stand out among competing ads during the holiday season. Together, they developed multiple ads in Instagram Stories using stunning imagery and compelling short videos of the most popular products in use. The Gathre team also took advantage of dynamic ads, which pull images and information from a catalog of products.

To find new customers, the team served the ads to lookalike audiences built from Custom Audiences of people who had purchased before, visited the Gathre website or liked its Facebook Page. To engage loyal fans and customers, the team also sent ads to people who had spent time on its Instagram and Facebook feeds and its website, and to those who had previously abandoned their online shopping carts. To ensure as much engagement as possible across audiences, Gathre ran 3 to 6 ads simultaneously throughout the campaign.

When placing the ads, the team opted for campaign budget optimization, which allowed Facebook to continually invest Gathre’s budget in the highest-performing ads and audiences across platforms and in real time.

Gathre’s holiday campaign brought in $95,145 in sales: nearly 3X as many sales as the same period the previous year. The October–December 2018 campaign also achieved:

  • 81% increase in return on ad spend from Q3 to Q4

  • 45% lower cost per sale

  • 63% lower cost per add to cart

  • 91% return on ad spend

We were most excited about the unknown. How much revenue would we drive with our campaign and would the costs be efficient enough for us to drive success? Facebook and Instagram enhanced our excitement by allowing us to optimize in real time during the holiday season when it was pivotal to maximize our best consumers at the right time.