The conscious media video streaming service turned its ad focus to storytelling and used strategic targeting to boost signups, resulting in a 37% increase in ad efficiency.

The consciousness channel

Founded in 2011, Gaia is a streaming video subscription service that offers exclusive conscious-media content. Gaia’s library contains more than 8,000 films, documentaries and original programs to guide its viewers on their path towards personal growth and spirituality.


lower cost per acquisition


increase in ad efficiency


increase in subscription intent


increase in conversion rate

Facebook and Instagram have been our primary driver of subscriptions and, while we were doing well with basic ads, we decided to tell more stories with our content instead of leading with the sale. We’ve found that story-selling helped our ads stand out in a mobile feed environment and actually encouraged more subscriptions than other sales-focused ads.
Attracting the mindful

Gaia wanted to test a storytelling strategy to better captivate its unique, diverse and specialized audiences and, ultimately, drive subscriptions to its online video streaming service.

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Transforming an ad strategy

To promote its online subscription-based streaming service, Gaia developed 3 story-focused, teaser-styled video ads. The ads corresponded to each of the brand’s 3 content categories: Yoga, Transformation and Seeking Truth.

The Gaia team used a collection of Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences and Facebook’s interest and demographic targeting tools to reach people most likely to be interested in the content promoted by each of its videos.


This short video featured captions for sound-off autoplay and promoted a documentary featured on the Gaia site. Instead of targeting the audience that is accustomed to practicing yoga at home with Gaia’s instructional videos, this ad was geared toward people who wanted to learn about yoga with TV-like content—sometimes called “lean-back content.” The team used Facebook’s interest targeting tools to deliver this ad to people interested in the power of positivity and peacefulness instead of targeting people who merely wanted to practice yoga.


Since this video showcased a film about trapped emotions, fears and anxieties, the Gaia team targeted people with interests in emotions and stress management.

Seeking Truth

This content category focuses on the “primordial om,” and targets a niche audience. So, the team targeted this video to those interested in spirituality, meditation and energy healing.

Each video ad culminated with a strong call-to-action to prompt people to join the streaming service. The ads also featured a “Sign Up” button, which linked people to the Gaia website where they could purchase a subscription to the site content.

Finally, Gaia calculated success with its own internal measurement solutions based on its business goals. By using best practices for mobile on Facebook and Instagram for its revised video strategy, Gaia was able to successfully captivate its audiences and encourage them to subscribe to its streaming service. The campaign achieved a 13% lower cost per acquisition and a 37% increase in ad efficiency, and there was also a 31% increase in subscription intent and a 21% increase in conversion rate.