The Italian fashion brand ran a campaign on Instagram to reach a millennial audience in Japan and generate broader awareness using ads in Stories, which brought a 19-point lift in ad recall among people aged 25–34.

Fine leather goods

Furla is an Italian fashion brand that produces premium bags, purses and leather accessories for women and men. Since 1927, the brand has celebrated its Italian spirit and history, and has recently experienced a growing international appeal, especially in Japan.


lift in ad recall


lift in ad recall (among people aged 25–34)


lift in favorability (among people aged 25–34)

The campaign demonstrated that Instagram and Stories are great platforms to reach an audience in other markets, which is crucial for brands that are planning to expand beyond their borders. The results of the campaign provided us with strategic key learnings about our target market and demographic, which will be a huge help in planning future campaigns.
Reaching young fashionistas abroad

Because Japan is the first ecommerce market for the fashion brand, and it is considered a luxury brand there, Furla wanted to run an Instagram campaign to promote its fall/winter 2019 collection to reach young people with an interest in its products.

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Cross-border branding

To reach the brand’s Japanese audience, Furla ran a campaign on Instagram using ads in Stories as well as ads in feed that used the collection ad format. The videos highlighted Furla’s new collection for women by showing people wearing the bags in daily life.

The fashion brand’s target audience was young Japanese people, so Furla used ads in Stories and video ads that showed this demographic wearing the clothes. To showcase the collection, it also used video in the collection ad format. This allowed the brand to automatically display items from the its ecommerce product catalog and make it easy for people to see product descriptions and details. All the ads were optimized for mobile and used a vertical format and upfront branding for greater impact.

The campaign was broadly targeted to Japanese women aged 18–34 with an interest in luxury and fashion. Furla used the reach and frequency targeting option to reach people several times over the campaign period, and worked in partnership with digital marketing agency iProspect to execute and optimize the campaign.

Furla’s campaign showed that Instagram was a great way to capture attention when expanding into a new market. Over three weeks between August and September 2019, Furla saw the following results:

  • 16-point lift in ad recall

  • 19-point lift in ad recall (among people aged 25–34)

  • 3-point lift in favorability (among people aged 25–34)