The natural cosmetics brand used ads in Instagram Stories to successfully drive new people to its website and convert these visits into sales—as a result, direct sales increased by 9X.

So fresh and so free

Freshly Cosmetics was born of a love of natural ingredients and doing things differently. Seeking inspiration from traditional handmade recipes, its founders created a sustainable cosmetics brand that is totally free from toxins and uses only natural ingredients.


increase in website visits


increase in direct sales


lower cost per click


lower cost per acquisition

Instagram Stories campaigns have represented a quantum leap for us. They allowed us to reach a highly engaged community. Creating and not stopping optimizing Instagram Stories campaigns has now become key for our business.
Natural growth

Freshly Cosmetics realized that it could grow its business with Instagram and Facebook. It wanted to use the channels to communicate the benefits of its natural products, drive people to its online store and convert these visits to sales.

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Healthy products for healthy living

Wanting to attract new customers to its website, Freshly Cosmetics’ campaign featured information about its products in the form of ads in Instagram Stories and Facebook posts. Featured articles advocated the benefits of natural cosmetics, dispelling myths about natural products, product routines and usage.

The ads in Instagram Stories featured GIFs of product shots and accompanying copy to create interest and drive website traffic. The ads raised awareness about the importance of taking care of skin in a natural and healthy way and provided information about the ingredients used in the products. Freshly Cosmetics also encouraged customer engagement by asking them to share their opinions, experiences and photos relating to the business’ products on Facebook and Instagram. To further entice people to visit the site, product giveaways were also used.

Audience targeting for the campaign focused on Spain—where the business has its largest volume of clients—and was provided by Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences. Custom Audiences were created from the business’ existing customer list, while lookalike audiences were created based on traits potential customers might share with existing customers—an effective way to reach new customers. By using Audience Insights to reveal which GIFs received the most interaction, Freshly was able to optimize the campaign creative to attract more people to the site. Once people had visited the site, Freshly Cosmetics then used Facebook pixel to help show ads to these people.

Freshly Cosmetics’ campaign, which launched in April 2018, achieved the following in the first 3 months:

  • 12X increase in website visits

  • 9X increase in direct sales

  • 52% lower cost per click

  • 85% lower cost per acquisition

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