The Fragrance Foundation Germany worked with three Instagram creators to produce a series of Reels ads promoting the annual DUFTSTARS awards, reaching 6 million people and raising intent to vote for the DUFTSTARS Audience Award.

Heaven’s scent

The Fragrance Foundation is Germany’s leading industry body for fragrances, which awards outstanding perfume creations in its annual DUFTSTARS awards. Award categories include smell, flacon design and campaigns, as well as sustainability factors.

6 million

people reached


increase in intent to vote for the DUFTSTARS Audience Award

For us it was important that consumers had the chance to experience the DUFTSTARS fragrance award nominees before they participated in the voting. The creator campaign delivered the perfect solution to bring to life the characteristics of each fragrance via the creator's individual associations with the scents. It was particularly exciting for us to see how the creators translated the overall concept into individual ideas and how we were able to reach different audiences with relevant content.
Increasing brand awareness

The Fragrance Foundation wanted to increase awareness of the DUFTSTARS awards overall, and also encourage people to vote for their favourite perfume from six nominees for the DUFTSTARS Audience Award.

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Engaging Reels from selected creators

The Fragrance Foundation worked with Meta Creative Shop on an idea for three Instagram creators, including Angelo Carlucci, to create branded content Reels ads on the core topic of “Smells like memories.” Branded content is produced by a publisher or creator for payment by a business partner, where the partner influences the content or is featured in it.

The six fragrances nominated for the DUFTSTARS Audience Award were paired with video and image snippets of memories that each creator associated with the scent, which were then used to create attention-grabbing Reels.

The resulting Reels demonstrated how brands can work with creators to make brands more authentic, reach new audiences and increase relevance with younger audiences. The results of the campaign were measured with a Meta brand lift study between October 10–November 11, 2022. It was an outstanding success, achieving:

  • 6 million people reached
  • 1.8-point increase in intent to vote for the Duftstars Audience Award
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