When Dunkin’ tested video ads in Instagram Stories with the polling sticker feature, it found that including the polling sticker drove a 20% lower cost per video view.

Leading baked goods and coffee brand

Founded in 1950, Dunkin’ is a leading baked goods and coffee brand, serving more than 5 million customers each day in 43 US states and 44 countries. It offers over 70 varieties of Dunkin’ donuts, bagels, breakfast sandwiches and other baked goods, as well as dozens of premium beverages.


lower cost per video view for ads with the polling sticker versus ads without


of people who watched the ad voted in the poll

We’re always open to testing ad products that give people a new experience and memorable touchpoint with our brand. Delivering ads in Instagram Stories with the polling sticker showcased our new product story seamlessly and encouraged participation, while driving results that matter.
Connecting with more consumers

Dunkin’ wanted to more efficiently increase awareness of its menu items among US consumers.

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Adding popular polling features to video ads

Dunkin’ had successfully reached consumers through ads in Instagram Stories—a full-screen placement that allowed the brand to connect with new audiences and position itself in a fresh way.

Dunkin’s in-house marketing team, media buying agency and creative agency all prided themselves on keeping ahead of consumer trends and communicating brand messaging in a mobile-first way, and one of the recent things they noticed was the popularity of video polls by people using Instagram Stories.

So when Instagram released its new polling sticker feature, the Dunkin’ team quickly moved to test it out in their ads. They then built a two-cell split test that consisted of running one version of the ad with the new polling sticker, versus running the same ad without the polling sticker.

Both video ads were designed by Dunkin’s creative agency, BBDO Worldwide. The ad creative showed a chocolate Dunkin’ donut with sprinkles, and a carton of french fries against a colorful animated background. The ad messaging asked: “What’s your favorite American classic? You don’t have to choose anymore! Try Donut Fries!” The ad then showcased the new Dunkin’ product, which is a mashup of Dunkin’ donuts in an easy-to-eat french fry shape.

The ad that featured the embedded polling sticker used the same creative as the ad without the sticker, but it also included a 2-button poll directly under the messaging that viewers could click on to designate their choice of donut or fries. The ad viewer was then shown the overall vote tallies. An important benefit of using the interactive polling sticker is that people spend more time viewing the ad and absorbing the brand messages.

Dunkin’ determined results of the October 3–14, 2018 campaign using a split test in Facebook Ads Manager, which revealed:

  • 20% lower cost per video view for ads with the polling sticker versus ads without

  • 20% of people who watched the ad voted in the poll

Building effective creative designed for a mobile world is something we’re always focused on, and video ads in Instagram Stories using the new polling sticker feature opened up entirely new creative approaches that we could bring to unlock value for our client.
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