Dobra used the Facebook pixel to track purchases on its website and reach people on Instagram who had shown interest in one of its catalog products, but had not completed the sale. With this strategy, it cut its shopping cart recovery cost by 32%, and achieved a 30X higher return on ad spend.

A unique idea

Dobra produces wallets made of synthetic paper manufactured from tear-proof, waterproof and 100% recyclable fibers. The idea for the business first began in 2013 with a university project and three years later, it had become a reality. Using local handmade production, the company works 100% on-demand in partnership with artists throughout Brazil.


of the campaign’s total sales came from Instagram


return on Instagram ad spend


decrease in shopping cart recovery cost

Including Instagram ad placements increased our new customer reach considerably, and was a surefire way of reaching customers who had already visited the website through remarketing. We successfully improved our shopping cart recovery, at a lower cost compared to other platforms.
Optimizing for conversions

The company wanted to reach people who had already visited the Dobra website and showed interest in one of its products, but had not yet finalized the purchase.

A different ad for each person

Over the 4-month campaign, Dobra used the Facebook pixel to identify consumer purchasing patterns on its website, mapping people who had showed interest in a given product, but had abandoned the purchase at the checkout screen.

Using dynamic ads, the company showed an exact mockup of what the customer had added to the cart, increasing identification with the ad and the possibilities of conversion through personalized advertising.

For the creative format, the company chose to invest in Carousel Ads, using images presenting the product in a highly visual manner. In the text, the message was summarized with short, direct sentences. The idea was to quickly convey Dobra’s concept in just a few lines, bringing people back to the website to finalize the purchase.

The strategy proved effective for Dobra, which saw a 30X return on its Instagram investment and a 32% decrease in its shopping cart recovery cost. In all, Instagram accounted for 25% of the total sales of the company’s remarketing campaign.