The Mexican design and calligraphy studio used carousel ads with an Instagram link to attract people to their website and fill places in their workshops.

Make things beautiful

With the aim of “making things beautiful,” Miren Velasco developed Dilo Bonito Mexico, a design and calligraphy studio that carries out one-off projects and also offers workshops.


of workshop attendees came from Instagram and Facebook

4 days

to sell out workshop places

Instagram is my biggest weapon. It lets me send out a notification about my workshops and allows me to reach people who are interested. Surveys show that over 90% of those who sign up come from Instagram and Facebook. Using these tools, the workshop places filled up in 4 days.
Miren Quintana Velasco, creative and designer, Dilo Bonito
To issue an invitation

The studio has been holding workshops for two years. The workshops used to be held every two months, but now there are six every month, thanks to increased demand. Facebook and Instagram ads are used to promote the workshops, with the goal of filling all the spots on each course.

Engage interested people

To spread the word about the workshops to a wider but still targeted audience (which had already been identified according to their location and interests), Miren carried out Instagram campaigns, mainly using photo ads. These ads let people know about the courses before registration has started, so they are aware that there will soon be a new opportunity to sign up. This helps reach more people and also creates anticipation.

Once the workshops are open for registration, the studio uses link ads to direct people to the website, where they can book a space on the workshop. Photo ads and the carousel format are also used to give people more information by describing the different skills that can be acquired when taking courses offered by Dilo Bonito.

When the studio isn't running any workshops, they maintain their audience’s attention with videos in Instagram Stories.