Pizza maker DiGiorno followed Instagram best practices to develop a teaser video ad and Instagram Story that would encourage people to enjoy its pizza for their next get-together, resulting in an impressive lift in purchase intent.

No delivery required

DiGiorno revolutionized the frozen pizza category in 1996 when it launched the brand’s signature Rising Crust pizza, which tasted so good that people mistook it for delivery. Research suggests that DiGiorno pizza from the oven creates an even better pizza eating experience than delivery pizza because of the anticipation, the aroma, and freshly-baked, straight-from-the-oven taste.


lift in purchase intent


increase in ad recall

21 million

people reached


of campaign spent on Instagram Stories

This experiment gave us unique insight into our belief that oven-fresh pizza helps people get more out of their occasions. We were able to learn about how, when and why moods may change in response to pizza in an exciting new way.
Sharing the power of pizza

Through research, DiGiorno knows that people use delivery pizza more often than frozen pizza for their planned occasions. To grow, DiGiorno wanted to steal occasions from delivery, but needed to find a unique, breakthrough way to showcase why straight from the oven is better and establish DiGiorno as the “Plan A” pizza for occasions (versus “Plan B” safety pizza).

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Getting pizza lovers pumped

Using facial recognition technology, DiGiorno conducted a social experiment to show (with science) that enjoyment of pizza is greatest when it’s straight out of the oven. To promote its pizza social experiment, DiGiorno developed a teaser video ad campaign on both Instagram and Facebook.

The brand partnered with media agency Metavision, ad technology company and Facebook Marketing Partner SocialCode, PR agency Team N and creative agency Reach to develop and deliver engaging ads to the right audience.

The team used footage from the experiment to create short teaser videos for both Facebook and Instagram. The videos followed Instagram’s best practices: they featured strong DiGiorno branding throughout and were developed to catch people’s attention, even with the sound-off autoplay feature. The team also used this footage to create vertical video ads for Instagram Stories.

The video ads were targeted to a broad audience of people aged 25–54, living in the US and with pizza-related interests. The pizza maker also used purchase-based data to target lapsed and heavy buyers of DiGiorno pizza.

Finally, the team conducted a Facebook Brand Lift study to determine the efficacy of the 3.5-week campaign. It not only reached more than 20 million people, but also achieved a 6-point lift in purchase intent and an 8-point hike in ad recall.