The sunglasses brand launched its new product collection exclusively on Instagram for 48 hours, selling nearly 3,000 pairs of sunglasses in that timeframe.

Creative sunglass designs

Founded in 2020 by popular beauty vlogger and content creator Desi Perkins, Dezi offers fashion sunglasses that aim to pair high-end quality with affordable prices.


pairs of sunglasses sold within first 48 hours of product launch


of total buyers were new buyers (had not purchased from Dezi’s Instagram Shop in the previous two years)

We really liked working with Instagram on this launch. It provided fans of the brand with a seamless social shopping experience from feed to cart, with minimal taps. The exclusivity and product tagging functionality all worked together to make this a successful campaign. We especially loved that customers were very engaged with the special offers that Instagram promoted. There were many positive comments on posts and exciting shares on stories all tagging the brand after purchase.
An Instagram-exclusive product launch

Dezi wanted to build awareness and excitement for its new line of sunglasses and maximize sales when the products became available online.


Designing a successful product launch

When the Dezi brand was preparing to release a new line of sunglasses, the marketing team worked with influential founder and CEO Desi Perkins to amplify promotion and build more connections with her loyal fanbase. Using the Profile to Shop linking tool, Desi could tag the brand’s products in her own posts and Stories on Instagram from her creator account. And with the product launches tool, the new sunglasses became available exclusively on Instagram for the first 48 hours post-launch. This gave people on Instagram the opportunity to purchase her brand’s new releases before anyone else.

Dezi used the features enabled by the Profile to Shop linking tool to her advantage in promoting the launch. In the days leading up to it, she posted several in-feed posts and Stories that were shoppable. She used Stories stickers to tag the new items, allowing people to click to view more product details and set reminders so they could shop as soon as the launch was activated.

The brand itself followed a similar promotional strategy from its handle, posting to its feed and Stories to generate excitement for the launch, and integrating stickers into its Stories to encourage people to set reminders. With Commerce Manager Insights, the team was able to see that over 12,000 reminders were set prior to the launch.

The results on launch day indicated that Dezi’s strategy was effective. Using data obtained from Commerce Manager, the team measured the following results:

  • 3,000 pairs of sunglasses sold within 48 hours of product launch
  • 94% of total buyers were new buyers (had not purchased from Dezi’s Instagram Shop in the previous two years)

These results were provided by Dezi based on campaigns run in September and October 2021 and are not the results of a controlled study. Your results may vary.
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