This dental clinic in Colombia added Instagram to its lead-generation efforts to attract quality leads, lowering its cost per lead by 17%.

Responsible dentistry

DentiSalud operates dental solution centers for oral health care and preventative dentistry in several cities in Colombia.


of total new leads came from Instagram, at 30% less than the average cost of other media


lower cost per lead after adding Instagram to the campaign

Instagram has been one of the best places online to increase our brand’s visibility and obtain quality leads at a great price.
Olga Lucía Valenzuela, Head of Marketing, DentiSalud
Generating quality leads

DentiSalud’s lead generation campaign was aimed at attracting new customers. Specifically, they wanted to reach more people interested in the services offered at their clinics.

Lookalikes and lead ads

Red Rock Interactive, the agency working with DentiSalud on this campaign, used lead ads and the Facebook pixel to help highlight the DentiSalud brand and attract new customers. The team recently added a context card that gave interested people more information about DentiSalud before asking them to provide their details. The card acts as a filter to help ensure that these new leads are actually interested in the clinic’s services.

To reach the right people, DentiSalud and Red Rock Interactive also created lookalike audiences based on their previous leads. Using these groups as a trial for targeting, the team reduced the cost per result by half.

DentiSalud found that combining images and text, and often including promotions, worked best for its ads. The team also used photo ads with a “Sign up” call-to-action button.

Overall, 15% of all of DentiSalud’s new leads came from Instagram, for 30% less than the average acquisition cost of other media. The product with the best results was “Invisible Orthodontics,” for which the cost per lead fell 17% compared to the previous month when Instagram was not yet part of the marketing mix. DentiSalud plans to expand its Instagram strategy and experiment with carousel ads for branding campaigns during the rest of 2017.