The popular beer brand followed Facebook and Instagram’s best practices to develop a story-focused video ad that not only increased brand awareness, but also led to a 9-point lift in purchase intent.

Cheers to great beers

Molson Coors Canada was formed in 2005 by the merger of two beer brands: Canada’s Molson and the US’s Coors. The company continues to produce several popular brands, including its Coors Light lager, which uses water sourced from the Rocky Mountains.


lift in purchase intent


lift in message association


lift in ad recall

Taking a different approach in our advertising certainly paid off. By following Facebook’s best practices for mobile video and telling a story, we developed an engaging and effective video ad. In fact, Coors Light exceeded its volume targets throughout the first quarter thanks, in part, to these Facebook ads.
Refreshing a brand

Molson Coors Canada wanted to boost awareness about its Coors Light beer by positioning it as a refreshing drink that people can reward themselves with—no matter what their pursuits.

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Storytelling through video

The ads employed Facebook and Instagram’s best practices for mobile video: they used a square format to occupy as much News Feed real estate as possible, and fast-paced, non-linear storytelling that was designed for Instagram’s sound-off autoplay. Coors Light branding featured prominently throughout the ad, but was incorporated into the story, rather than simply appearing as a logo. The resulting thumb-stopping videos showed people that Coors Light is always on the journey with them.

The multi-national beer brand also partnered with media agency MEC to help it effectively deliver the ads to its target audience: young adults within the legal drinking age with interests in sports and the outdoors.

The ads were optimized for brand awareness to ensure they would reach the right people. The team also used reach and frequency buying to deliver the ads to as many people on mobile devices as possible at the optimal time.

Finally, Molson Coors Canada conducted a Facebook brand lift study to determine how the ads resonated with the targeted audiences. The story-focused campaign achieved a 9-point lift in purchase intent and a 9-point lift in message association as the beer most associated with ice cold refreshment (both of which are 5.7X higher than the consumer packaged goods, or CPG, industry benchmarks1). The campaign, which ran from February 20–March 20, 2017, also saw a 10-point lift in ad recall.