To attract the next generation of legal drinking age consumers, Coors Light created Instagram video ads that repurposed original content from its partnership with National Geographic, boosting brand favorability by 6.8 points.

Born in the Rockies

Coors Light was born in the Rockies in 1978. To craft what it refers to as “the world’s most refreshing beer,” Coors Light is cold-lagered, cold-filtered and cold-packaged for a crisp, clean taste, bright appearance and peak freshness.

10.5 million

people reached


lift in brand loyalty


lift in brand favorability

Facebook showed us the value in repurposing publisher content, and now we can make these types of partnerships work harder for us going forward. They helped us create shorter videos for mobile from the longer National Geographic content. We increased brand love and made the hard to reach millennial feel like Coors Light is the brand for them.
Shifting perceptions with adults 21 and older

Coors Light wanted to shift brand perceptions and drive consideration with the next generation of legal drinking age consumers. To achieve this, it built mobile-optimized ads to amplify content from its publisher partnership with National Geographic, which would run simultaneously with existing ad assets.

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Expanding a content partnership

As more brand advertisers, like Coors Light, partner with publishers to create and share co-branded content, they face a big challenge in understanding how to extend the lifecycle of that content.

Coors Light partnered with content publisher National Geographic to produce long-form content featuring explorer Andrés Ruzo on his expedition through Iceland. The content was distributed primarily by National Geographic on its social media sites and website. To be economical with the assets, Coors Light negotiated ownership rights to run publisher content from its own Instagram and Facebook handles, while adding stronger brand integration.

Coors Light turned to the team at Facebook, and enlisted the help of Facebook Marketing Partner Shuttlerock. Media company Connect then worked with Shuttlerock to turn the publisher content into mobile-optimized ads that would help shift brand perceptions with the next generation of consumers.

Shuttlerock built the eye-catching ads following Instagram and Facebook best practices to capture attention quickly: branding in the first few seconds and text overlays that explained the story even for sound-off viewing. The video clips focused on exciting moments from the Iceland expedition that culminated with explorers enjoying an icy cold can of Coors Light. The overall theme was to celebrate those who thirst for more.

The video ads ran in Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed and Instagram Stories, and were all pushed through the Coors Light handles. The ad in Instagram Stories had a swipeable Learn More call-to-action button that linked to the original long-form branded content on the National Geographic website.

Coors Light showed the ads to US adults aged 21–34, and to those with an interest in beer, an active lifestyle and sports. Coors Light measured the results of the campaign from September 1–30, 2018 using a Facebook brand lift study, which revealed that running mobile-optimized ads created from publisher content in tandem with existing ad assets resulted in:

  • 10.5 million people reached

  • 3.9-point lift in brand loyalty

  • 6.8-point lift in brand favorability

We negotiated rights to over 50 assets with National Geographic. When branded content comes from a publisher there needs to be a balance of brand and publisher. However, when ads come from a brand handle, they can be 100% brand-first. MobileWorks allowed Connect to make brand-first ads as added value—it was simply a no brainer.