Within the first two weeks of setting up his shop on Instagram, this digital content creator received 747 orders and sold 845 units of his merchandise.

Educating through humor

Connor DeWolfe creates digital content focusing on mental health topics and his perspectives on living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He shares short, relatable skits that often put a humorous spin on his experiences, with the goal of educating people about what life is like for neurodivergent individuals. He also sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers and other accessories printed with his slogans.


orders within two weeks of integrating Shops on Instagram


units sold within two weeks of integrating Shops on Instagram

The implementation of my shop on Instagram and the ability to tag products in my videos have been the perfect solutions to get more eyes on my products, and have enabled me to spread my message even farther.
Simplifying the shopping experience

Connor wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to purchase his merchandise online, and subsequently raise greater awareness for neurodiversity topics.

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Setting up an Instagram Shop

Connor DeWolfe uses Instagram to share his perspectives on living with ADHD and to shed light on topics in neurodiversity, or the range of differences in individual brain function and behavior among people. He creates entertaining videos using Reels, a tool on Instagram that lets people create 15-second video clips incorporating creative features like augmented reality (AR) effects, music and text overlays. Connor posts his Reels to his Instagram feed, giving people the ability to view them via his main profile grid in addition to the dedicated tab on his profile page where each Reel is automatically posted.

As Connor’s audience grew throughout 2021, he developed a line of merchandise creatively inspired by the content of his videos. Connor used the social commerce platform Spring to design and begin selling his merchandise online. He promoted his products on Instagram using posts and stories that guided people to a link on his profile that connected to his online store. As the store quickly gained traction and items like Connor’s “Bees in my head” design became instant hits with his fans, Connor wanted to give people an easier way to buy his products that did not involve clicking through numerous links. He decided to add a shop to his Instagram profile to accomplish this goal.

To set up his shop, Connor tapped the “Add Shop” button on his Instagram. Since Spring is integrated with Instagram, his Spring account automatically populated his shop with his products. Connor published his shop, which made it visible on his profile as the “View Shop” button. Once his shop was published, he immediately gained the ability to tag products from his online store in his posts, stories and Reels. With checkout on Instagram also automatically enabled as well, Connor’s fans no longer had to click through multiple links. Instead, they could simply tap on a tagged product in one of his posts and buy it without leaving the app.

Based on data reported by Spring’s sales insights tool, Connor saw the following results in the first two weeks after integrating his shop on Instagram from August 3–17, 2021:

  • 747 orders within two weeks of integrating Shops on Instagram
  • 845 units sold within two weeks of integrating Shops on Instagram
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