To improve brand preference and new product awareness among young people, Clinique Korea ran an Instagram campaign that used delivery optimization features as well as mobile-optimized video ads in Stories and feed to effectively showcase product features, achieving a 16-point lift in ad recall.

Simple habits make amazing skin

The Estée Lauder Companies skincare brand Clinique offers everyday beauty care and customized skincare through skin analysis carried out by its consultants. It strives to create products that are kind to skin but still give outstanding results, and its fragrance-free products undergo rigorous allergy testing in its labs. Since its launch in New York in 1968, Clinique has earned consumers’ trust to become a global brand and a cosmetics industry leader.


increase in ad recall overall


increase in ad recall among main target audience of women


increase in product preference

Clinique was able to effectively improve both the awareness and preference for its skincare products by using Instagram as the main channel for this campaign. Instagram allowed us to showcase ad creative that featured Clinique's technology, product features and influential models at the same time, which not only led to business success, but also increased visitors in our actual stores. We hope to be able to create a variety of successful Instagram campaigns in the future.
New product branding and lifting ad recall

It can be difficult to effectively explain new skincare product features, so the goal of this campaign was to increase new product awareness and change perception among its existing customer base. Clinique wanted to use mobile-optimized Instagram ads to effectively communicate product features and increase brand preference and ad recall, which would lead to purchases.

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Customized, targeted Instagram ad creative

The skincare market has evolved into a more sophisticated industry, so to successfully introduce its new “Clinique iD” product, Clinique needed to shift perception among existing customers. Clinique's strategy was to use ad creative that effectively showcased product features, in a channel that high contact with the target audience was chosen.

The first step was to create mobile-optimized ad creative that used videos, text and illustrations to effectively explain how to use the product. The objective was to educate and convey the core message that people could create their own customized skincare product (“my own boosting lotion”) by choosing from three base lotions and five active boosters based on their particular skin type.

Product instructions, which might be difficult to understand, could be more easily relayed through Instagram Stories, which featured different product images and illustrations on a split screen. The ads also featured the singer Chungha as the model. The campaign also increased awareness of the new product with 15-second carousel ads in Instagram Stories that highlighted each product’s features.

Clinique effectively used various Instagram features to ensure the campaign’s success, including automatic placements, a delivery optimization feature that uses machine learning to recommend the most effective ad placements. The campaign was short, but it achieved high ad recall in just four weeks by increasing ad frequency among its target audience (a minimum of four impressions during the campaign). This continuous exposure to the brand's message helped ensure the campaign’s success, including:

  • 16-point increase in ad recall overall

  • 23-point increase in ad recall among main target audience of women

  • 3.8-point increase in product preference