The Japanese cosmetics brand introduced an automated Messenger experience and supplemented its business-as-usual campaign with ads that click to Instagram Direct to earn 73% more content views.

Trendy cosmetics

Created by Fukurena, a popular beauty vlogger, CipiCipi is a Japanese cosmetic brand that launched in July 2020. With its concept and message of “embrace your complex,” the brand has attracted a loyal following of Gen Z and millennial women.


more content views for business-as-usual campaign supplemented by ads that click to Instagram Direct

This new social media approach is very engaging and the quiz experience was fun, even for me! Many followers have taken the quiz and shared their results. I am very glad we challenged our usual strategy by testing this new solution.
Attracting more product interest

The cosmetics brand wanted to boost interest in its products and test whether an automated Messenger experience would increase website traffic.

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A makeover with Instagram Direct

To build an automated experience for Messenger and integrate Messenger API for Instagram, CipiCipi worked with Wevnal, a Meta Business Partner. Once the automated experience was ready to launch, CipiCipi created a campaign of ads that click to Instagram Direct and Wevnal set up an A/B test in Ads Manager. The test compared the performance of CipiCipi’s business-as-usual photo ads alone with a combination of the business-as-usual campaign and with the ads that click to Instagram Direct.

The ads that clicked to Instagram Direct included a photo of four illustrations of stylish young women holding CipiCipi products and a call to action that encouraged people to send a message by clicking on the ad (in Instagram feed) or swiping up (for ads in Stories). When someone began a conversation with the brand, the automated experience guided them through a personality quiz. The conversation concluded with each participant’s quiz results and a link to a landing page with the best products for their type. The makeup brand showed all campaigns to a broad audience of women in Japan between the ages of 18–34.

Comparing the content views generated by the campaigns, the A/B test showed that adding ads that click to Instagram Direct significantly increased the number of content views, compared to CipiCipi’s usual strategy.

  • 73% more website visits for business-as-usual campaign supplemented by ads that click to Instagram Direct
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By combining our existing automated message experience with the Messenger API for Instagram, we have provided better brand communication with the users. We’re very happy that this new communications channel raised brand awareness, increased traffic and content views, and inspired user-generated content. Looking forward, we’re planning to nurture the whole user journey with our automated experience for Instagram Direct.