Chobani ran Instagram and Facebook video ads to boost awareness of a new product launch, and saw a 3.3-point lift in consideration.

Greek-style yogurt products

After moving to New York from his native Turkey, Hamdi Ulukaya bought an old yogurt plant and set about making the type of strained yogurt he remembered from childhood. Launched in 2007, Chobani sells thick, Greek-style yogurt with a higher protein content than traditional yogurt. Its product line has evolved to also include a variety of drinks, shakes, snacks and coffee creamers, as well as plant-based products such as dairy-free vegan blends and oat milk.


lift in ad recall


lift in message association


lift in consideration

In planning for our ad campaign, we knew that it was critical to use best-in-class ad creative designed specifically for the Instagram and Facebook platforms. So we built an interactive ad for delivery in Instagram Stories that invited viewers to tap and play along to solve the nutrition puzzle, and a complementary immersive video ad for delivery in News Feed.
Increasing brand awareness

Chobani wanted to boost awareness of a new product launch, especially among health-conscious adults.

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Building immersive ad creative

Chobani had launched a new line of lactose-free yogurts and shakes called Chobani Complete that provides at least 15 grams of complete protein, 3 grams of fiber and 0 grams of added sugar. The products also have 20 amino acids—the building blocks of life―so when planning for its ad campaign to support the launch, the team knew that it wanted to focus on its brand promise to “solve the nutrition puzzle, one building block at a time.”

Chobani partnered with its agency, Horizon Media, on developing a strong media plan and determining the proper ad audience. Chobani then shifted its focus to building best-in-class, mobile-first ad creative. Because the Chobani Complete products are multi-faceted, the team wanted to communicate their benefits in a series of short videos, so it designed ads with strong branding elements and immersive, attention-grabbing visuals that were each built specifically for their own ad placements.

For example, the team built an ad for Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed that showed brand elements―like the products’ packaging colors and high protein and lactose-free nutritional benefits―as puzzle pieces that come together to form a complete view of the product line, along with the messaging “Nutrition puzzle solved.”

Chobani also built an interactive ad for delivery in Instagram Stories that encouraged people to “Solve the nutrition puzzle” and enabled them to stack differently colored building blocks that highlighted the product’s nutritional benefits, or tap the ad to temporarily stop the blocks from spinning. All ads included a “Learn More” button that linked to Chobani’s website.

Chobani showed the ads to US adults aged 18 and over, including those with an interest in health, wellness and physical fitness. The brand also used Facebook’s campaign budget optimization feature to automatically distribute the budget across the best-performing ad sets in real time. Chobani measured the results of its September 1–30, 2020 campaign using a Facebook brand lift study, which revealed a:

  • 6.4-point lift in ad recall

  • 1.9-point lift in message association

  • 3.3-point lift in consideration