For the launch of their new brand concept, Carefree chose the visual power of Instagram Stories, using videos to connect with their audience of younger women on an emotional level.

Fresher-feeling, more confident women

Since the 1970s, Carefree by Johnson & Johnson has offered feminine hygiene products to meet women’s needs, delivering the long-lasting freshness needed to feel confident all day long.


increase in ad recall thanks to Instagram Stories


increase in top-of-mind awareness thanks to Instagram Stories

Our partnership with Instagram allowed us to focus on how our audience consumes media and how we can generate content that is more relevant to their needs, and we’ve reaped some incredible results for Carefree.
A part of the daily routine

In line with the new branding concept of “Carefree, you know,” the goal of the campaign was to present the product as one of the secrets for women to feel confident. Johnson & Johnson's goal was also to enter a new market (beauty and fashion) by positioning the panty liner as a beauty accessory to be used as part of women’s daily routine.

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New concept, new format

The Instagram campaign coincided with the local launch of the new branding concept: “Carefree, you know.” Based on women’s beauty secrets that help them feel more confident, the campaign positioned the panty liner as one of those secrets, as well as a part of their beauty regime.

To get their message out and reach the target audience of younger women, Carefree‘s strategy focused on ads in Instagram Stories. In line with their new brand positioning, they created 6 short videos that mostly lasted 15 seconds, designed to use the full screeen to create an immersive, attention-grabbing experience. The videos also used sound, taking advantage of the fact that 60% of videos viewed on Instagram Stories are played with the sound activated.

The stories showed women’s everyday secrets to feel more confident, as presented by 4 brand ambassadors, Luz Cipriota, Lola Mora, Agustina Papryka and Candela Sánchez, who were chosen by Carefree to represent the values of the brand: fresh, happy, active and confident. In the stories, each ambassador shared a secret of something they liked to do, and encouraged viewers to share their beauty secrets with the hashtag linked to the brand message: #YouKnow.

A joint project run by the agency IPG and Döda Vanster, Carefree‘s ads in Instagram Stories campaign was targeted to women in Argentina aged 17–27. The results were excellent: a 17-point increase in ad recall, and a 6-point increase in top-of-mind awareness.

We sought to connect with a younger audience on an emotional level using the concept of “You Know,” and through Instagram Stories, we celebrated women’s secrets for feeling more confident.