The natural teeth-whitening company used carousel format ads in Instagram Stories with value optimization to connect with customers in a new way, which increased sales by 22%.

Naturally sparkling results

Carbon Coco is a pioneer in beauty and activated charcoal, offering natural teeth-whitening alternatives using 100%-certified organic coconut shell charcoal.


increase in sales


increase in return on ad spend using value optimization

37.8 million

people reached (Australia and US)

By combining carousel ads in Instagram Stories with value optimization, we’ve seen impressive returns at a crucial time as we expand our business into new markets. The new ad formats have allowed us to tell a much more in-depth story with our audience, leading to a very successful campaign.
Wide smiles among new customers

Carbon Coco wanted to increase sales of its All Natural Teeth Whitener among people aged between 16–35 in both Australia and the US.

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Better in threes

To tell a deeper story to its audience, Carbon Coco identified the opportunity to use the new carousel format for ads in Instagram Stories. This allowed it to include three individual pieces of media in the same ad. Carbon Coco’s ads featured a range of video reviews and product information, and used the Swipe Up call to action so viewers could click through to its website to make a purchase immediately.

In the second half of the four-month campaign, Carbon Coco used value optimization to refine the audience it was reaching based on their likelihood to make a purchase. During the campaign, Carbon Coco’s highest performing ad placement was the carousel format in Instagram Stories combined with value optimization.

The campaign reached 37.8 million people in Australia and the US and delivered a 22% increase in sales. During the value optimization period, Carbon Coco also saw a 21% higher return on ad spend.