The famous audio brand used carousel ads in Instagram Stories to promote its new noise-masking Sleepbuds, boosting top-of-mind awareness by 14.8 points.

Better sleep through sound

Bose speakers and noise-masking headphones are famous the world over. Sleepbuds, its first health and well-being product, combine Bose's audio know-how with the latest in app-linked wireless technology, and are designed to help wearers sleep peacefully to their choice of relaxing sounds.


lift in top-of-mind awareness


lift in ad recall


lift in familiarity

We’re always looking for ways to improve. With the launch of our very first health & wellness product, the Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds, we needed to tailor the targeting and creative to stand out and resonate with a completely new-to-us audience. The result speaks for itself.
Boosting product awareness

The aim was to create and raise awareness of Bose Sleepbuds as a credible and effective sleep aid among people whose sleep is often disturbed, helping them attain healthier sleep.

Making sleep matter

To create and raise awareness of Bose Sleepbuds as an effective sleep aid, the company used carousel ads in Instagram Stories, video ads and full-screen ads. The carousel ad format for Instagram Stories was a perfect fit for this campaign, offering the chance to deliver eye-catching multiple stories. Each audience was targeted with tailored ad creative, showcasing relevant benefits.

Those who watched a video for three seconds or longer were retargeted to follow the story and drive them to the Bose website. As well as targeting a broader audience interested in health and wellbeing, Bose also targeted ads to commuters, couples and people living in urban areas.

During the second part of the campaign, Bose served a combination of video carousels as well as video and photo link ads to encourage people to buy, leading them to the Bose website to learn more about the new product.

The campaign delivered significant increases in all brand lift metrics within the exposed group, boosting top-of-mind awareness by 14.8 points, ad recall by 8.8 points and familiarity by 4.5 points.

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