The record label raised awareness of Kylie Minogue’s new album DISCO during a nationwide lockdown by creating an interactive music experience, which brought the singer into people’s homes through two augmented reality filters.

Empowering artists

BMG UK, founded in 2009, is part of one of the world’s biggest music publishers and aims to help artists and songwriters make the most of their songs in the digital age.


lift in awareness


lift in ad recall

6.5 million

people reached

It was clear from the beginning of our conversations that Facebook was hugely enthusiastic and engaged. Straight away, they were bringing creative ideas. It always felt we were expanding what Kylie’s campaign could be. In the end, the augmented reality experience delighted fans and was true to the vision discussed from the outset—to replicate some form of live experience in lockdown.
Connecting to fans with augmented reality

To support the launch of Kylie Minogue’s new album DISCO, BMG wanted to bring the magic of her live shows to her fans during lockdown. It hoped to make the week of release feel special, giving them a sense of connection when experiencing live music was not possible.

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Innovation leads to growth

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic prevented artists and their fans from coming together at concerts. BMG UK decided to create an interactive experience to help people engage with Kylie through Instagram and Facebook.

Working with Facebook Creative Shop, BMG UK developed an augmented reality experience. It created two filters: one that would live on Kylie’s Instagram account for the long term and another that would be available via Kylie’s account for just one hour called “Disco Spirit”. This filter was an avatar created using motion capture and Kylie’s physical characteristics, and was intended to feel special and exclusive to her most loyal fans.

During the hour, the filter enabled an Augmented Reality performance to “Real Groove”—a track from Kylie’s new album. The experience blended motion capture with virtual effects that were created by Facebook Creative Shop using its Spark Augmented Reality tools. Using the Instagram AR camera, people could see Kylie performing in their living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, city streets and parks, all over the world.

In the run-up to the “Disco Spirit” hour, BMG UK ran a series of photo and video ads for two days to tease the event and the launch of the filters. The team used automatic placements to run the ads across feed and Stories on Instagram and Facebook to generate optimum results at the lowest cost. Hoping to engage with people whether they were already Kylie fans or not, BMG UK reached out to a broad audience.

BMG UK used a brand lift study to measure the results of its October 29, 2020–January 6, 2021 campaign, which achieved:

  • 11-point lift in awareness

  • 16-point lift in ad recall

  • 6.5 million people reached

We were very excited to work on this project with Kylie Minogue, BMG and Studio Moross. It allowed us to explore how established concepts of performance, identity and presence are all converging and being stretched by music and technology. We were blown away by the response of fans. This was a truly special and memorable moment made possible via close collaboration and Spark AR and, remotely with none of the team ever meeting in person.