Binggrae completed a branded content advertisement that allows the brand, consumers, and creators to interact with each other and experience the brand's message using voting stickers and reels from Instagram Stories. The result was an encouraging increase in brand favorability, which is the basis for changing consumer behavior.

Brand Story
A heritage brand that connects generations, Banana Flavored Milk

Since its foundation in 1967, it has established itself as a food company representing Korea by introducing unique products such as banana flavored milk, Yoplait, and Together. Of these, banana flavored milk has been loved for more than 40 years, and is affectionately referred to as “just milk” or “ttoongba” (chubby banana milk). They are also working hard to lay the foundation to grow and become a global leading company in the future food sector.


increase in ad recall


increase in message association


increase in favorability

Beyond simply delivering the message “ssitgobayu” (enjoy banana milk after bathing) to the target audience, the company has identified the processes of creators and consumers reinterpreting the brand message with their own language and grammar as well as the process of viral expansion. It was a significant attempt not only to achieve remarkable business results, but also as a much more effective way to communicate the brand message to consumers.
Seonmo Kim, Binggrae Marketing Team
Brand Goal
Delivering messages to build new consumption habits

When time at home increased due to COVID-19 and the environment in which food is consumed changed, the “ssitgobayu” (enjoy banana milk after bathing) campaign, which delivers the message encouraging banana milk consumption in the home, was launched. Although it is a brand that already has a high affinity and recognition, by taking full advantage of the new Instagram creative tools, they expected increased message relevance and additional sales results.