To increase online sales of its healthy snacks, Best Berry restructured its Instagram and Facebook strategies and ran two campaigns with precise audience targeting, achieving results far beyond expectations.

Practical, healthy snacks

Best Berry is a subscriber club offering healthy snack plans. It has more than 40 snacks that are free of colorings, preservatives, glucose syrup and hydrogenated fat. Based in São Paulo, it delivers throughout all of Brazil.


more sales from Instagram compared to the previous month


lower cost per signup compared to the previous month


of the campaign’s total sales came from Instagram

We were having trouble finding channels with interested audiences where we could scale our campaigns. Instagram became a very important tool, since it gave us broad audiences that were extremely engaged, resulting in performance far beyond expectations.
More website subscriptions

Best Berry needed to reach new audiences and increase online sales.

A feast for the eyes

With the goal clearly in mind, Best Berry overhauled its Instagram and Facebook strategy and began running campaigns on July 17, 2017. Video ads featuring the snacks were used to spark curiosity, desire and impulse buying. Different campaigns were created to focus on “reach” (A/B testing was used to discover which were the best items to show in these ads) and “hard sell” (these ads focused on the diversity of flavors and were shown to a more limited audience that had shown interest). Best Berry ran both of these campaigns on Instagram.

The Custom Audiences tool was essential. By including interests focused on customer values, the brand was able to target the reach campaign to a smaller audience that was interested in “fitness,” “my life” and “nutrition and beauty” (around 45 million people). To reach people with a high propensity to buy, it then segmented this engaged audience for inclusion in the hard sell campaigns.

Best Berry installed the Facebook pixel on the website to track conversions. The reach campaign remained focused on people who viewed content so the brand could filter out the most engaged audience, while the hard sell campaign was geared towards purchasing, so it delivered ads to people who were more likely to buy the product. The Facebook pixel, which updates the audience daily, was also used to exclude people who had already subscribed to the campaign to keep them from seeing the ads again.

After the campaign, Best Berry noticed an improvement in every channel due to the higher website traffic. Between the months of June–July 2017, the brand saw an 85% increase in sales from Instagram, together with a 57% lower cost per subscription.