Fitness brand Ashy Bines ran ads in Instagram Stories to promote the launch of the new Ashy Bines Squad app, leading to nearly 13,000 app installs at a much lower cost per install than originally anticipated.

Building a motivated community

Ashy Bines is an Australian personal trainer-turned-fitness brand, which launched a new app aimed to help women make healthier choices. The app is built on the premise of encouraging and empowering women by helping them connect with like-minded people.

4.4 million

people reached worldwide


app installs


lower cost per install than target

We found that ads in Instagram Stories have given us the ability to have a more personal interaction with our targeted audience and really tell our unique story. By striking the right balance between the message and call-to-action in our creative, we aimed to drive app installs and we were blown away by the results. Ads in Instagram Stories now play a significant role in our strategy and I’m excited to see what we can do next.
Promoting app installs

Ashy Bines wanted to achieve as many installs as possible, aiming for a cost per install of AUD$5 for its first mobile app campaign.

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Promoting healthy living with ads in Stories

As part of its growth strategy, Ashy Bines invested heavily in a new Squad app. Because its primary demographic consists of women aged 18–35, the fitness brand saw Instagram Stories as a key platform to engage its audience and drive high install numbers.

Using Ashy Bines as the protagonist, the campaign creative showed her swiping up to mirror the action required to lead to an installation from the ad in Instagram Stories.

Because the goal of the campaign was to drive installs with a specific audience, the fitness brand targeted its ads to females aged 18–64 who were interested in coffee and milk on Instagram. Ashy Bines also targeted its ads to a mix of local and worldwide lookalike audiences. The three-week campaign had impressive results, reaching 4.4 million people worldwide and resulting in 12,981 app installs at a 3X lower cost per install than its original target.