The Los Angeles-based author used Instagram and Facebook to raise awareness about his children’s fantasy book, driving a 35X return on ad spend and helping the book become an Amazon Best Seller across multiple categories.

A tale for the ages

French native Michel Guyon grew up in a medieval village where generations of storytellers have kept legends from the Middle Ages alive. Inspired to bring the fantasy tales of his childhood to a young audience, Michel wrote and published Archibald Finch and the Lost Witches.


of people who purchased book learned about it on Instagram or Facebook


return on ad spend


title in multiple categories on

Although Amazon has made it easier than ever to self-publish, most authors still see writing and publishing solely as a hobby. They don’t think they'll sell more than a few dozen books, to friends and family. But if you tap into the power of Instagram and Facebook, by experimenting and learning continuously, you can actually sell thousands of books.
Introducing a new kids’ book series

Before Archibald Finch went on sale on, Michel built interest in the book by previewing suspenseful passages and artful illustrations on Facebook and Instagram. Almost immediately, Archibald Finch became the most pre-ordered title in multiple categories. After the book release, Michel encouraged discovery and purchases.

Listening, interacting and learning with readers

Following the successful launch of Archibald Finch in October 2018, Michel began advertising regularly on Instagram and Facebook.

To learn about the book’s potential readers and purchasers, Michel set his initial ad campaigns to cast a wide net, targeting people aged 13–65 in English-speaking countries. Though Archibald Finch was written as a chapter book for kids ages 9–12, Michel saw that those interacting the most with his ads were 13- to 35-year-old females.

Optimized for engagement, the boosted post ad campaigns opened a window to the book’s potential readers. By observing their interactions with the posts, Michel discovered that young female readers enjoyed the whimsical side of the book, such as magic spells and ancient legends, while some young moms saw in Archibald Finch the perfect read-along title. This led Michel to emphasize the fantasy and coming-of-age aspects of the story in his ads, rather than the battles and dragon fights, which appealed more to males.

Instagram complements Facebook

Michel found his young readers on Instagram by bringing the story to life through intricate images that mirrored the vibe and whimsical world of Archibald Finch. The readers’ parents tend to be on Facebook, where Michel showcases the attributes of the book most relevant to them: ratings, reviews, popularity, narrative themes, intended age group and price. By speaking to both young readers and parents on the platform of their choice, Michel finds that Instagram and Facebook can complement each other.

Michel also added the Facebook pixel to his website to better understand which content drew the most clicks and engagement. The pixel also captured clicks to the product page on, allowing Michel to correlate about 80% of his book sales to Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to the title’s strong sales, Archibald Finch became a regular bestseller in multiple categories, including Children's Fantasy and Magic Books, Children's Books Exploration Fiction, and Children's Fairy Tales and Myths. Results included:

  • 80% of people who purchased book learned about it on Instagram or Facebook

  • 35X return on ad spend

  • Bestselling title in multiple categories on

You don’t have to put big budgets towards Facebook and Instagram to get great results. Just the data alone is priceless as I’ve learned so much about my audience through these platforms. These insights help me adapt my content in ways that resonate with potential readers and encourages them to explore—and ultimately purchase—my book.