Apartment rental listing site used dynamic ads to reach renters and encourage them to fill out a form on its website, reaching millions of potential renters and driving a significant decrease in cost per conversion.

An apartment hunter’s paradise offers people access to information on nearly one million units available for rent. The site hosts thousands of nationwide listings, driving both qualified traffic and highly engaged renters to leasing offices.

5 million

people reached

over 50%

lower cost per conversion, compared to other channels


return on ad spend is always working to connect renters with their future homes efficiently. We’ve been very pleased with the performance of dynamic ads and StitcherAds (our Facebook Marketing Partner). They’ve helped to turn Instagram into a credible direct response platform.
Jack Robling, Senior Manager, Online Marketing, CoStar
Attracting apartment dwellers wanted to drive qualified apartment rental leads by encouraging renters to share their contact information through a form on its website.

Featuring your dream place collaborated with Facebook Marketing Partner StitcherAds to help it rapidly create ads and scale its direct response efforts on Instagram. The team developed a dynamic ads campaign to promote relevant listings from the website to the right audience across any device.

The team used the Facebook pixel to target its ads to renters who had visited its website. The dynamic ads, which featured high-quality images of available apartments, then showed listings that were relevant to each viewer based on their activity on

The ads also included a Learn More call-to-action button, which directed people to the webpage for that listing and encouraged them to fill out a form. Their information was then passed to the person who listed the property for rent, who could follow up with that self-qualified lead.

Starting in mid-September 2016,’s ongoing dynamic ads campaign has already reached more than 5 million people. The campaign has also lowered its cost per conversion by over 50% compared to other channels, and achieved an impressive 2.5X return on ad spend.