The prestige vodka producer Absolut used captivating video creative in a Facebook and Instagram campaign, lifting favorability and ad recall.

A singular spirit

Created in Sweden in 1879, Absolut Vodka is famously dedicated to its single-source heritage and purity. Today the brand is a global leader, known for its iconic bottle and artistic marketing for its spirits. Absolut’s Spark bottle is a limited edition multi-faceted bottle featuring a light in the bottom that creates a glittering night out.


lift in favorability via Facebook


lift in brand awareness via Instagram


lift in ad recall via Instagram Marquee

We turned to Instagram because we wanted the launch of our limited edition Spark bottle to stand out and drive digital and real world love for the product and brand, by connecting the product with the occasion. Using Instagram's dynamic platform has helped us build a direct path to the consumer, and entice drinkers to engage both digitally and at retail. Maintaining edge is key to engage, recruit and retain millennial drinkers and Absolut strives for this through all our communication efforts.
Sparking interest

Looking for a way to cause a sensation in the high-end spirits category, Absolut wanted to drive awareness and interest in its Spark illuminated bottle, encouraging people to “spark up your night”—whether they’re entertaining and enjoying time at home or out with friends.

Creative timing

Absolut teamed up with Facebook’s Creative Shop to design a video series that played to a trendy crowd, while celebrating the brand’s iconic past.

Each Friday, Absolut launched a new Facebook video ad linking to the Spark bottle ecommerce portal. The team used Facebook’s targeting tools to reach people aged 21–49 in 18 focus states, who typically buy alcohol and drink on premises, are interested in distilled spirits and typically order specific brands.

To drive more interest and reach a younger demographic at the campaign’s midpoint, Absolut selected the best videos to run as Instagram ads, timing them to run Labor Day weekend to capture the end-of-summer celebration crowd.

As the campaign came to a close, the team ran an Instagram Marquee ad, which created a single-day sensation with multiple high-reaching prime slot posts. Absolut reached a mass audience of mobile users aged 21 and up, ensuring maximum impact for the Spark bottle finale.

Absolut’s campaign sparkled, prompting a 5-point lift in brand awareness with Instagram and a 33-point lift in ad recall with the Instagram Marquee ad.