Gatorade ran Instagram and Facebook video ads in a campaign to increase awareness and sales, resulting in a 5.1X lift in return on ad spend.

Grounded in sports nutrition

Gatorade replenishes the fluid, carbohydrates and electrolytes lost in sweat. First developed by scientists at the University of Florida in 1965, today the hydrating sports drink is sold in more than 80 countries around the world.


lift in return on ad spend1

46 million

households reached2

We wanted to drive higher sales during the prime sweat season. Leveraging mobile-first video ads across Instagram and Facebook using the cost-efficient automatic placements feature helped us realize greater sales volumes at scale.
Increasing product sales

Gatorade wanted to understand if expanding its target audience and increasing the overall reach of its campaign would boost sales volume.

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Driving sales with video

Gatorade wanted to reach more people with its ads during its bestselling time of the year, the hot summer months.

Using the theme of “Ready for the heat,” the brand built short eye-catching video ads showing athletes in action, such as a man working out at the gym and a baseball player at bat. Messaging included “Knocking heat out of the park starts with the right fuel. With carbs to compete and electrolytes to replenish, nothing beats Gatorade.”

Gatorade showed the ads to US adults aged 18–54 who were interested in sports, as well as to a Custom Audience of sports drink purchasers. The brand used the automatic placements function to deliver the ads to Instagram feed, Instagram Stories or Facebook News Feed, depending on which platform was most likely to provide the best campaign results at the lowest possible cost at any given time.

Gatorade determined the results of the June 22–July 10, 2018 campaign using reporting data from Facebook Measurement Partner Oracle Data Cloud, which revealed:

  • 5.1X lift in return on ad spend3

  • 46 million households reached4

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