Frito-Lay ran Instagram and Facebook video ad campaign to boost awareness of a hot new snack product, which resulted in a 1.71% higher lift in sales.

Popular tortilla chip brand

Doritos is a US brand of tortilla chips produced since 1964 by Frito-Lay, a wholly owned subsidiary of PepsiCo. As a leader in the snack category, Doritos is committed to providing greater variety and choice. Doritos tortilla chips are sold in many countries worldwide in assorted flavors.


higher lift in sales


lift in household buying


higher return on ad spend

Not only did we see positive read from a sales lift standpoint, but that balance of effectiveness and high-efficiency translated to a very strong read in our marketing-mix model.
Increasing tortilla chip sales

Frito-Lay wanted to boost brand awareness of its Doritos Blaze tortilla chips, attract more snackers and increase product sales.

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Mobile-first from the start

Frito-Lay introduced Doritos Blaze—which features a hot, bold flavor—with a TV ad featuring Dave the Snowman that ran during the 2018 Super Bowl. To build continuity with the ad’s snowman theme away from TV, Frito-Lay turned to creative agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners to develop an Instagram and Facebook ad campaign.

Many brands cut original TV ad assets and repurpose them post-production for digital advertising. Frito-Lay turned this thinking on its head by asking Goodby Silverstein & Partners to work with Facebook Creative Shop on building mobile-first video ads pre-production, with Instagram and Facebook ad placements in mind, rather than editing down the TV assets.

In one video ad, Dave the Snowman picked up a Doritos Blaze chip to taste it and immediately started to melt. In another, Dave and his human roommate play “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Since Dave’s stick hand is perpetually in “scissors” mode, the roommate won the game and the bag of Doritos Blaze when he hit Dave’s hand as a “rock.” Frito-Lay used automatic placements to deliver ads in Instagram feed, Instagram Stories or Facebook News Feed depending on which could deliver the best result at the lowest cost at any given time.

The team created one additional video ad that was designed to run only in Instagram Stories to take advantage of its interactive functions: During a 3-round game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” viewers could try to beat Dave by tapping and holding Pause to stop—and then restart—the action, while the movements grew faster and more frenzied through each round.

Frito-Lay showed the ads to US adults aged 18–54, as well as to a Custom Audience of the brand’s most valuable shoppers and a lookalike audience based on the characteristics of people in the Custom Audience. Each ad had a Watch Now call-to-action button that linked to Doritos’ YouTube page.

Frito-Lay determined the results of the October 22–December 30, 2018 campaign using reporting data from Facebook Measurement Partner Oracle Data Cloud, which revealed:

  • 1.71% higher lift in sales

  • 1.63% lift in household buying

  • 2.3X higher return on ad spend

Our teams have taken the learnings from this Blaze campaign and they've applied them to the thinking moving forward. We’re creating a new campaign just at the moment, and the Facebook creative team is once again helping us to expand the ways we think about the platforms.