Adore Me ran Instagram and Facebook video ads that opened into a full-screen Instant Experience, which drove a 25% increase in opt-ins to its subscription plan compared to its business-as-usual video ads.

Direct-to-consumer womenswear

Founded in 2012, Adore Me is a New York-based women’s intimates ecommerce business that manufactures and sells lingerie, sleepwear, swimwear, activewear and other products. The company offers a unique try-at-home service, and has three customer purchase models including: standard ecommerce, VIP discounts and Elite Subscriptions.


lower cost per new customer


higher conversion rate for site visitors


increase in subscription opt-in


higher reach

Facebook and Instagram are the best channels we’ve found for acquiring more valuable customers. The immersive Instant Experience format not only helped increase the share of high-value customers choosing the Elite Subscription, it improved our performance overall compared to our regular ads. Another advantage is that everything that happens in Instant Experience is retargetable, because everything is “native” within the Facebook platform.
Boosting swimwear sales

Adore Me wanted to acquire new customers and increase opt-ins to its Elite Subscription purchase model.

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More inspirational creative

Adore Me was looking for an easier way to educate customers about the advantages of its Elite Subscription model and how it works. Customers who opt in to a subscription receive a personalized buying experience and a monthly box of curated products.

Adore Me had typically been running a video ad with a call-to-action button linking to a landing page on its website that had a lengthy description of the subscription model. For its latest campaign, the team decided to run a split test comparing its business-as-usual approach against one that used a video ad that, when clicked, opened into an engaging Instant Experience.

Adore Me used the same creative in both test cells, which featured body-positive beauty influencer Remi Bader, who is shown opening her curated box of Adore Me swimsuits, and then trying them on. Text overlays, understandable for viewers with their sound off, matched the audio of her exclaiming that she loved the “epic” suits and the brand was “killing it!”

Each ad had a “Learn More” button. In the business-as-usual cell, it linked to the informational landing page on the brand’s website. In the second cell, the button opened a colorful, full-screen Instant Experience, which had a concise three-step description of the subscription model: 1) Take the Style Quiz, 2) We Curate your Box; 3) Try on at Home. Then, a Get Started button linked to a Style Quiz on, where people could answer questions about figure measurements and style preferences, and opt in to purchase a subscription.

The team showed the ads to US women aged 18 and over. It also used automatic placements to allow Facebook to automatically deliver the ads across Facebook’s apps and services, based on which placements were most likely to drive campaign results at the lowest cost at any given time.

Adore Me determined the results of this March 23‒April 15, 2021 ad campaign using split test reporting data in Facebook Ads Manager, which revealed that the Instant Experience drove much stronger results over the business-as-usual ad campaign:

  • 16% lower cost per new customer
  • 15% higher conversion rate for site visitors
  • 25% increase in subscription opt-in
  • 26% higher reach
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We have been looking for resilient ad formats that will help us keep up with evolving permissions technology and Instant Experience is a great solution. We recommend that other advertisers consider testing Instant Experience to maintain visibility into customer activity and meet performance goals.