Your guide to an ads strategy for shopping businesses

Supercharge your shopping strategy

Instagram Shopping ads leverage people's existing behaviour

Ads with product tags allow you to maximise the reach of your products by boosting shoppable posts or creating the ad from scratch in Ads Manager for more creative flexibility.

Ads with product tags

Ads with product tags drive people directly to a product detail page to learn more. From there, people can go to your website to purchase.

Ads with product tags and checkout

If you are a US checkout-enabled business, people will be driven to purchase directly in-app.

Ads with product tags run in feed or Explore using single-image, carousel or video formats

Ads with product tags in feed

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Ads with product tags in Explore

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New ways to reach people who love to shop

  • View Shop's Home Page

  • View Shop's Collection

  • View Product

  • Save Product

  • View Website

  • Add to Cart*

  • Initiate Checkout*

  • Purchase*

Shopping engagement Custom Audiences

These are segments of shoppers who have taken certain actions, such as tapped on a product tag to view a specific product. Businesses can re-engage these high-intent shoppers with any type of ad.

Shopping Lookalike Audiences

These are shoppers that have similar interests to your existing shoppers. Businesses can use ads to find and engage these potential new customers.

*Available to businesses that use checkout on Instagram

How shopping businesses can use these tools

Expand reach Use ads with product tags to expand the reach and drive engagement of your shoppable content and products.

Re-engage shoppersRe-engage people that have shown interest in your products by using shopping engagement Custom Audiences to pull them back into the shopping journey.

Find new shoppersFind net-new shoppers who are similar to your existing shoppers by using shopping Lookalike Audiences.

Success stories

What they did

With millennials as their main audience, a Korean skincare brand wanted to test new ways to engage its audience and drive sales. They ran an Instagram campaign using a combination of ads with product tags (to make it easier for people to discover and engage with the products) and branded content ads.

What they delivered

  • 1.8-times higher return on ad spend
  • 45% decrease in cost per purchase
  • 42% decrease in cost per add to cart
  • 41% increase in number of people reached

Strategy recommended

Run existing shoppable posts as ads or set up new ads with product tags in Ads Manager.

What they did

Hollister already ran a successful campaign that tested using ads with product tags to scale its shoppable content and drive sales. They wanted to also test whether showing these shoppable ads to the newly available shopping Lookalike Audiences would be effective. They compared running ads with product tags that targeted shopping Lookalike Audiences to their “business as usual” prospecting audiences.

What they delivered

  • 32% higher click-through rate
  • 47% lower cost per click
  • Over 90% increase in traffic

Strategy recommended

Create shopping Lookalike Audiences to find shoppers that are likely to enjoy your products but have not engaged with your content yet.

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*Source: "Project Instagram" by Ipsos (Facebook-commissioned survey of 21,000 people aged 13-64 in AR, AU, BR, CA, DE, FR, IN, IT, JP, KR, TR, UK, US), Nov 2018. All participants said they used Instagram at least once per week.