Reach people in a discovery mindset

Explore is where people go to serendipitously discover content, watch, shop and connect with creators and businesses. Every person’s Explore page is unique, featuring curated content that’s personalized based on each individual’s interests. Now, businesses have the ability to reach people in this discovery mindset with ads in Explore.

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Number of daily active accounts that turn to Instagram's Explore page1


Percentage of accounts on Instagram that use Explore every month2


Percentage of people surveyed who discover new products or services on Instagram3.

Why ads in Explore?

Ads in Explore give advertisers an opportunity to extend their campaign to additional audiences and be part of what’s culturally relevant and trending, while reaching people who are looking to discover something new. Leverage existing Feed assets in this new placement to reach more people in more places.

How do ads in Explore work?

From the Instagram Explore grid, clicking into a small media leads to the Explore Feed (middle image), where both photo and video ads will show up as they would appear in Instagram Feed. Clicking into a larger media leads to the Explore Video experience (right image), which will only show video ads.

Please note: Ads will not appear in the Explore grid itself, in the topic channels or in Instagram Video, Shopping or Stories destinations.

Instagram's Explore mission

Our aim is to enable businesses to develop more meaningful connections with their audience and get discovered by people who want to deepen their interests by branching out from the accounts they already follow. By extending your ads to Explore, you have the opportunity to target audiences who are primed for discovery and open to finding and engaging with new content.