How Whipped Urban Dessert Lab's reels helped drive customers to their shop on Instagram

clock imageSeptember 28, 2022

New York City-based Whipped Urban Dessert Lab (@urbandessertlab), an oat-milk ice crème shop, has generated thousands of views on Instagram Reels. In their comments, fans are craving to visit and taste the lab’s eye-catching creations.

Founders and sisters Courtney Blagrove and Zan B.R. created buzz for their small parlor by perfecting their product presentation: a perfect mound of soft-serve sweet cream coated with crumbs and sauce oozing out from the center. Showing their products on Reels helped the business get discovered by customers who now wait in long lines to try them out, says social media manager and @hipcitysocialagency founder Makenna Chester.

Watch Chester’s tutorial for easy Reels ideas that helped the ice cream shop grow:

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Read more to learn about Makenna’s successful Reels strategy for the dessert shop.

How did you come to partner with Urban Dessert Lab?

Whipped and I connected through Instagram! I started engaging with Whipped’s account and sometime after that, they noticed my account and reached out to me, and the rest is history!

Tell me more about your work as founder of HIPCITYSOCIAL.

I created HIPCITYSOCIAL in the spring of 2020, right after the pandemic hit. I’ve always had a draw to social media and marketing, and I knew I wanted to create my own business, so it was the perfect fit for me. HIPCITYSOCIAL focuses on social media management and strategy, along with some other services. I strategize, create, plan and organize content for my clients based on their own personal business goals and aspirations!

How do reels fit into your holistic social media strategy for Whipped Urban Dessert Lab? Is there anything you use Reels specifically for?

Reels are the most ideal for our products. They showcase them in a way that a standard photo could just never emulate. We use Reels for numerous reasons; to grab our audience's attention, grow Whipped’s community, drive engagement and create awareness and connection.

How did Whipped Urban Dessert Lab’s social media creation process evolve over time?

In the beginning, it was important to produce a wide variety of styles of content to get an understanding of who our audience is, what’s working and what’s not. I depend on analytics and have used it as a guide throughout my journey working with Whipped.

How do you come up with fresh ideas for reels?

Participating in trending audio is one of the ways we keep our content fresh. There’s always new audio trending every week, so I'm constantly strategizing how I can apply it to our products in an authentic way.

What kind of work goes into making a reel before you ever start filming?

Since we’re working with a product that has a short shelf life, there’s a lot of planning ahead. Beforehand, we plan out where we want to film and which ice cream combination we want to highlight. We walk through the shots we want to capture. Planning ahead is important so we can maximize the number of videos we can utilize and reduce food waste.

How has your audience responded to your reels? Have you seen increased engagement or interest in products?

Our audience response has been incredible! The community that we’ve built is beyond supportive and loyal. We have seen a huge impact with not only engagement and interest online, but also our audience taking physical action. It’s one thing to get your audience to like, comment and share a reel. It's another to motivate them to physically come to the shop. We’ve seen our audience come in masses and stand hours in line to come and try our ice cream. As the social media manager, it’s all that one would want for my clients and their audience.

What’s the most fun or rewarding part of making reels for you?

I enjoy creating content so that in itself is rewarding to me. I love seeing the journey of our audience discovering Whipped through Reels, planning their trip to come see us, trying our ice cream and falling in love and raving about it.