Learn the business of Instagram with 3 how-to guides designed to help you reach your business goals

clock imageSeptember 21, 2022

Instagram turns passion into action. As a business, you can push creativity, build community and drive real business growth by using Instagram tools. Our Business of Instagram series of how-to guides will help you reach your business goals with tactical guidance on how to set your shop up on Instagram up for success, make effective Reels video ads and build connections with new communities through creator partnerships.

Want to reach more customers with your shop? The Business of Instagram shops how-to guide outlines the foundational steps that your business can take to set up your shop for success. We walk you through the importance of optimizing your product catalog and best practices to use product tags in your photos and videos to drive discovery. Take action with your shop today by downloading the guide here.

Instagram shops how-to-guide

Reels is where entertaining storytelling drives discovery for your brand. Learn how to break through on Reels with immersive video ads that entertain and engage audiences across the customer journey. From creative specs to tips around audio and creator partnerships, The Business of Instagram Reels How-to Guide breaks down what makes great Reels video creative. Learn the tips by downloading the guide here.

Instagram reels how-to-guide

Want to learn more about partnering with creators? We offer 6 tips for working with creators to help fuel business growth. And as an added bonus, listen to advice directly from a creator in the Creators How-to Guide here.

Instagram collaborate with creators how-to-guide

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