Shop With Pride: Drive Discovery for Your Business Using Product Tags

clock imageJune 27, 2022

Update: Live Shopping is no longer available as of March 16, 2023.

From press-on nails to gender-inclusive personal care to one-of-a-kind leather designs, there are plenty of products to discover at our upcoming #shopwithPride Instagram Live Shopping event. For last year’s event, we showcased diverse beauty, apparel, and stationary brands. This year, we’re spotlighting small businesses in the LGBTQ+ and AAPI communities to amplify their voices and to show other small businesses around the world how to make any moment a celebratory shopping moment on Instagram. Join us on @instagramforbusiness on June 28, 2022 at 2pm ET to hear directly from these small businesses and shop their products with pride.

If you’re a business owner yourself, tune-in for tips and strategies to reach shoppers and drive sales with Instagram Shopping. Whether you’re sharing the history of your brand, having a sale, tapping into a cultural trend or launching a new product—with shopping features like product tags, any photo or video your business shares becomes an opportunity to drive product discovery.

Drive discovery of your products with Product Tags

Product Tags allow you to highlight products directly from your product catalog into your posts, so customers can tap on a tag and learn more. Customers can feel inspired to purchase in the moment that they discover your products, wherever they are spending time on Instagram.

As a sneak peek, check out the small businesses below you can shop during Tuesday's event and find inspiration from shopping features they leverage like product tags and more. Take advantage of every tool and resource for your shop this Pride season and beyond.


Faceted Beauty

As a queer, gender-fluid, Hmong-American child of refugees, Lisa Estrella Yang juggled different faceted identities—an experience that led her to found Faceted Beauty in 2019. For her, decorating nails was a form of self-discovery and self-expression—and now Faceted Beauty’s customers can find that for themselves with reusable press-on gel nails customized just for them.

"Instagram Shopping tools enable Faceted Beauty to further connect with our customer base and welcome them into our vibrant world of multifaceted self-expression,” says Lisa. “Product tags make it easier for people to discover products that inspire them and learn more about what could be at their fingertips."

Good Light

Good Light, informed by the beauty website Very Good Light and developed by David Yi, creates effective yet gentle personal care products for all people regardless of gender identity.

According to the team behind the brand, its shop on Instagram has helped them reach new customers: “Instagram Shopping—and product tags, specifically—has been a key tool since day one, allowing for our products to be discovered and, more importantly, opening the door for special connections with the broad Instagram community that aligns with our mission of beauty beyond the binary.”


Ratio et Motus

Angela Wang and Shenghao Li established Ratio et Motus in 2018 in New York City, blending vintage accessories with the utility of modern life through fine leather goods. Each detailed piece is crafted with longevity and sustainability in mind. The brand uses product tags frequently and consistently across formats like feed posts and Reels which is a best practice to drive product discovery and user engagement.

"Instagram is the biggest platform for our audience to discover and interact with us,” says the Ratio et Motus team. “It has been amazing how the shopping features have made such an impact on introducing our products to our audience. The seamless integration between products and our content, via using product tags in our content, appeals to our customers and also makes it very easy for them to shop—even though at our price point, it has been a challenge for us to really convince our audience to shop on Instagram. But with the correct marketing approach, I believe we will reach more people in the future."

Learn more about how to prepare your shop on Instagram for Pride and beyond with advice and guidance from queer-ownered lifestyle and apparel brand JZD (@shopjzd), and learn more about how to use product tags in your content to drive product discovery and sales here.