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August 17, 2017

Rethinking Creativity on Instagram with Vertical Video

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

All over the world, Instagram Stories is quickly changing the way businesses connect with and inspire their communities—creating new opportunities for them to stand out in a fresh, ephemeral way. And with more than 50% of businesses having created a story in the last month1, there's no doubt that it will continue to keep businesses top of mind in their customer's feeds.

As people spend more time on their mobile devices, businesses and brands are beginning to realize the potential of vertical video and its marketing capabilities—especially as this interactive, full screen format is able to engage the attention of users like never before.

With the help of our Creative Shop team at Instagram, here are some of the different ways that businesses and brands can take advantage of the various creative tools on Instagram Stories and create engaging, vertical content for their audiences.

Progress Bar

Utilize ads in stories moving progress bar (at the top) to illustrate a moving contrast within your ad. This time keeper is a great way to watch how people consume organic stories.

15-Second Stories

As all video ads in stories play for a maximum of 15-seconds, we're seeing businesses and brands embrace short-form video with creative that pairs well with this context.

Profile Photo

The profile photo (at the top left) is a simple, yet great way to motivate users to navigate and learn more about your business.


With the ability to add text and emojis to stories, these creative tools are an easy way to customize native ads in stories and make your account stand out.


We're seeing tons of businesses and brands use the pause feature to interact and share with people something fun within their ads.

Swipe Up

Brands are always looking for fresh ways to connect with their customers and help them learn more about a product or service. That's why we launched links in ads in Instagram Stories earlier this year.

With over 250M daily active users on Instagram Stories who follow and share their passions everyday, it's been amazing to see all the creative ways that businesses have been using Instagram Stories—enabling brands to directly impact their business objectives, whether it be sales and promotions, new product launches or education through tutorials.

To learn more about reaching your audience with the creative capabilities of ads in stories, visit here.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA